Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr. Magoo

Final installation of the 5 part box opening story.....


Mr. Magoo! That's enough! It's time to get some clothes on.


Too much of a good thing, my dears? All right. Happy to oblige.


Ahh, a sweater. Aren't I the lucky fellow?


How do I look?


We'll be getting fancy new face paint some time in August. You think we're cute now? Just you wait! Come back for a nice long visit now, ya hear?


Rachael said...

I just LOVE how you tell stories with these little guys! Looking forward to all of your future posts with them!

kristo said...

So awesome. I read the whole thing out loud for Kaylen and she LOVED it. She's asking to hear it again. :)

(for some reason Ms.Muffet has an English accent in my head, and Mr.Magoo sounds Irish, lol)

Fran said...

lovely story Marlane ! Thanks for sharing.