Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Panalaya was looking so much like a ghostly, mummy-Princess earlier this month when she returned from Ban's Boutique that I saved the photo for Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Halloween!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Shannon models

Shannon loves this eclectic outfit done in a Bohemian-esk style.


But she doesn't get to keep it.


It was made for a swap with the friend that does my dolls' custom faceups.

hand embroidered

  • The crocheted hat was made with a tiny ball of handspun. 
  • The hap shawl was cut from my husband's old work shirt. 
  • The corset, (both the outer velveteen fabric and the inner lining), was made from a pillow sham. It was then embroidered by hand using floss and beads left over from other projects.
  • The skirt is made from the leg of a pair of shorts with the ruching detail provided by a coordinating grosgrain string tie from the same shorts. 
  •  The tights were made from a t-shirt found on sale at Micheals
  • The detached sleeves were made from fabric leftover from other projects.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Granny and Grumpa's

We had house guests for the weekend, and one of the things they are interested in is antiques, so we took them to a local “picker’s paradise”, “Granny and Grumpa’s” in Abbotsford, BC. There are many, many different types of collections there, mostly just strewn about, hoarder style, some loosely organized into collection type, but I thought some of the doll collectors that visit my blog might be interested in the doll collection.

Granny and Grumpas

The dolls don’t seem to be displayed in any sort of organized way, newer acquisitions displayed right next to antiques. I’m not really into vintage and antique dolls, nor collectibles in the traditional sense, but I snapped a few quick pictures for those who might like to take a closer look than I did.

More of the dolls

I found the overall effect kind of creepy and got out of there rather quickly. LOL. If you see something you’d like to look at closer though perhaps you’d like to contact them?

“Granny and Grumpa’s”
37936 Wells Line Road Abbotsford, BC V3G 2A1
(604) 854-1033

And more dolls!
There are many more dolls in the collection than I have pictured here. In addition to the small room I photographed there is an entire corridor lined with them, floor to ceiling. Plan to visit with someone who is not a doll fan? PLENTY more there to see. Maybe I'll go back someday and photograph some of the other stuff hoarded there. Any special requests? There were a few looms, spinning wheels, and skeiners, but nothing that was in good enough shape to interest an enthusiast, in my opinion.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fridge is Leekin

 I'm so proud of my granddaughter, Kaylen! She's only 5 years old and just starting kindergarten. After asking how to spell "fridge" she went off and wrote this note for her daddy.


I don't think anyone is formally teaching her to write or spell, it's just something she has taken an interest in and is doing on her own. Amazing!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Body Swap

After being freed from her Fairyland box, a beautiful, blank WooSoo had a question for Shannon.


WooSoo wanted to know if clothing and a wig would be part of her box opening celebration.


Shannon struggles to find a kind and gentle way to break the news.


"WooSoo dear, I hate to tell you this, but that isn't your body, it's.... mine."


"And because it's my body Wovenflame didn't think to make you anything."


"If you were sticking around I'd share it with you, honest I would! But I have it on good authority that you are actually leaving for New York soon."


"Don't be sad Woo'. You get to be part of Ban Sidhe's resin crew and she's an awesome faceup artist! You'll be beautiful!


"Ban has also promised to get you a body of your very own! I bet she'll even make you a lovely wardrobe and include you in one of her wonderful stories."


And nobody does manicures or pedicures more beautifully than Ban Sidhe.


"While I get off of this body that Morganna has generously been sharing with me, why don't you ask Wovenflame to find you a nice, safe and comfortable travelling box?"


"Hello WooSoo. Thank you for bringing Shannon's body along with you. Are you ready to make the switch?"


"Poor Shannon has been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. Did she tell you how disappointed she was when her last body turned out to be white? Yes, yes, it was all very tragic!"


"Oh Morganna, I hope we can truly be friends now? The shared body really made it difficult for us to see eye to eye. I hope all past differences can be put behind us now."


WooSoo, with a look of stony determination, decides to quietly accept her fate and hopes that things really will be better at Ban Sidhe's.


"Oh Shannon, I hope WooSoo doesn't take this too hard, and that she has a safe trip and a happy future at Ban's."


My three girls, together at last.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feeling Pretty and Loved

Nothing quite like starting your day off feeling pretty and loved.

Panalaya got these beautiful earrings from her friend and faceup artist, Ban Sidhe.

Feeling Pretty

Becky not only got a pretty new dress from me, but she also got an amazing, teeny, tiny friendship bracelet from Guillmero, her friend-that-is-a-boy (not the same as a boyfriend apparently).

feeling loved

Guillmero's caretaker, Kristo, made it.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Zoe's Blanket

This latest project required a lot of trial and error.

Tummy Time

I must have cast on 6 different times trying to find a yarn, needle, and stitch pattern combination that would work and look to scale for Zoe, a tiny Dollzone Christmas Baby belonging to HDoneSix.

Ridged Lace Blanket

I'm very pleased with the end result though.

Afternoon Nap

Well worth the struggle!

 Zoe's Blankie

 Zoe looks so much more comfortable all swaddled in her new blankie.


So snug and cozy.

 bundle of joy

Pan and Zoe


Oh, oh! I think Panalaya has Baby Fever!

 A Quiet Moment with Zoe

Looks like maybe Pan isn't the only one Zoe has won over..

Peanut and Zoe

 Bobby and Zoe

I've put the up directions as a free pattern on Ravelry.

Serenity and Zoe

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Elf Lady Has Returned

Panalaya's back!

Beautiful Baldie

She was away visiting Ban's Boutique for a faceup, manicure, pedicure and ear piercings. Fresh out of the crate, without even putting on her wig, I could see that she was spectacular!

Add in her wig and the sweater I knit for her homecoming and the result was breathtaking!


I'm so pleased! Ban really is an amazing artist.

WS Juri '08

Here's a closer look at the sweater.

Box opening sweater

I used DollsWestDesign's pattern #140 - Rope Cable Pullover for MSD and Knitpicks Gloss laceweight in "Lilac". I'm a bit disappointed in the yarn. After washing the sweater in preparation for blocking, the yarn developed a weird, greyish halo that has the appearance of dust over the entire surface of the sweater. Luckily it doesn't show up too bad in the pictures.

sleeve detail

Here's a detail shot of the unique, pointed sleeves. Very elf-like in my opinion, and a nice way to show off the lovely blushed and manicured hands.

Monday, October 01, 2012

And the Trucks?

Prized Possession

Becky's been showing Bobby around, pointing out her prized possessions. Kind of looks like he's wondering where her trucks are though.