Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's hot out. And in.

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I may be confined to my bedroom by the scorching heat, but at least I have one cool room I can retreat to. I am ever so grateful for this new addition. I'll be dragging my favorite chair in there so that I have somewhere to knit and read in comfort.


kristo said...

Awwww, LUCKY!!!

PJ said...

Isn't that a relief..that is exactly what we did in Navy housing in San Diego..being hot is exhausting. Of course, now in CO in our own house there is central air..I almost feel guilty! your clue number 2 part looks great. I'm enjoying seeing everyones colors and work!

Michelle said...

The bedroom is the one room we have an air conditioner in also and I've been spending a lot of time in there the last several days. I don't know if I can take another day of this heat we've been having here...the humidity is killing me. At least we can sleep at night.

Dorothy said...

We don't have air conditioning, but with only 4 or 5 really hot days a year it probably isn't worth it. But with predicted temps up in the 90's for the next few days, they are flying off the shelves. If this keeps up, we may have to cave. Love the shawl - I'm jealous. I'd so like to start, but I'm pretty stressed with all I have on my plate now, so know that it would be a mistake to add something else. However, I'm downloading the clues for future use.

Nicole said...

When I lived in Boston, our house didn't have A/C and this is what we did too. For two months we'd come home, go straight to the bedroom where it was cool and didn't leave. Since that seemed ridiculous, the next summer we bought another for the living room. By the time we moved, we had three units (needed one for our guest room) and of course, our new house had A/C!