Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Bonnet for Zoe

A Bonnet for Zoe

The little bonnet is another piece for the commission I'm doing for a 3 inch Dollzone Christmas Baby.

Zoe's Bonnet

Shannon is making sure she gets lots of baby-cuddles while Zoe is visiting and having her wardrobe fitted.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bobby's Home!!

Bobby's home, and he's as cute as can be!

Bobby says hi!

He's having a little trouble choosing his eye colour though. So what do you think? Brown?


Or blue?



Bobby and Becky

...or blue?

Loves him either way

Becky's no help, she loves her little brother either way.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fit o' Giggles

 Becky's seems very pleased with the Pumpkin Hat I knit up for Bobby.

so pleased

She thinks it's pretty funny that she got to wear it first even though it's for Bobby and he should be home any day now.

tee hee

Or maybe she laughing about the hand-me-down dress? It belonged to Petunia, but she's moved on now so .... finders keepers? I had to cinch it in a little with a ribbon around Becky's waist.

fit o giggles

from the top

Becky's so pleased that I even got an impromptu hug!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mah Gnuh SchoooZ

I had to mail a packet today and decided to walk rather than drive. On the way home I stopped into a shoe store to see if they stocked a particular brand and style of shoe my daughter has been looking for.

Mah Gnuh Schoooz

Turns out that they do, just not in the right colour for her.

Mah Gnuh Schoooz Ahgin

Perfect colour for me though!

Joseph Seibel NIKKI casual, lace up ankle boots.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teeny, Tiny, Pum'kin Head

I had a lot of fun designing this one.

back of Pumpkin Hat

Once again it's for the visiting Dollzone Baby, Zoe.

Pumpkin Hat for Dollzone Baby

Of course you know that this means that I now have to make at least one for Becky and Bobby, my Realpukies, as well.

Zoe in Pumpkin Hat

The hat pattern, in Realpuki size, will be part of an eBook pattern collection offered through Ravelry.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Cupcake for "Cupcake".

When Becky saw the cute little Cupcake Hat I made for Zoe, the visiting Dollzone Christmas Baby, she begged me to knit one for her friend "Cupcake" from the Den of Angels forum. So here's the hat again, this time in Realpuki size.

Cupcake in Realpuki size

I left the room for a minute and when I came back Becky was wearing it! She says she's just "trying it on to make sure it will fit my friend Cupcake".

Becky modelling Cupcake's cupcake hat

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sugar Sprinkles

It's a good thing Serenity was rooting around in the garage looking for some of her outdoor toys. Look who she found laying on the cold cement floor under the mail slot!

Serenity and Zoe

She ran and got Shannon to come and help. It wasn't long before the whole household was cooing and fawning over the sweet little baby girl.

Baby Zoe

This is Zoe, a Dollzone Christmas Baby belonging to HDoneSix. Zoe is here for a short while for fittings (and cuddles and adoration by my resin crew) while I knit a layette and several novelty hats for her.

The first of the commissioned items to be completed is a Cupcake Hat, with sugar sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Cupcake Hat for Dollzone

Maybe I should work next on the clothing for her body?

sugar 'n' spice

Nah! Too darn cute to cover up just yet. (And I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the design challenge of permanently bent and fused arms.)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Second Batch Going Fast

The little hand painted buggies have been well received!
spoken for


spoken for


spoken for




Becky doesn't seem to mind giving them up after she has given them a "test drive". Maybe she thinks there will be an endless supply? I won't tell her that the supply will only last as long as the project can hold my interest. I'll save her the last one made.





Saturday, September 08, 2012

Guest Paraders

None of these dolls are mine, but they do all belong to one person. The photo was so spectacular that I asked permission to post it here on my blog.


If you have a doll, (or several dolls....or a hoard of dolls), of any sort at all, come and join us in the parade on Flickr. The only rules are that the paraders must be moving from left to right (so they don't crash into each other) and that you photograph them in front of a white background so that the entire parade has a certain continuity when viewed as a slide show


If you are a member of Den of Angels you can add your "on topic dolls" (and any of their "off topic" friends in the same picture) to the parade there too.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Becky's First Shopping Trip

Becky's first shopping trip., originally uploaded by wovenflame.

Becky's going shopping. We need to look for new paintbrushes for doing the carriages. Never know when she might be needed to judge the proper scale for other interesting finds.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Dolls On Parade

It's Parade Day over on Den of Angels. It started off in the Realpuki thread, but cameramen are capturing it live and it is being rebroadcast on Flickr and in the BJD Games thread on Den of Angels as well.

The parade was originally little, bitty, Becky's idea, so she was given the go ahead to start the parade rolling. Here she comes now......!

Waving joyfully to the crowd, she proudly displays her Hallmark Sidewalk Cruiser, a "Mickey Mouse Velocipede" Christmas ornament size.

Enjoying Her New Trike

Next up is her good friend, Serenity driving a brand new, Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic, the "1940 Roadster with Trailer". Behind her is Hickory Dickory driving a "Little People Zoo" truck. 

Happy Hallmark Owners 

Coming on past the camera for a second time!? Well yes, in this parade the rules state that each participant may come by the judging station as often as they find new ways to parade. (Other contestants can be seen on the Flickr thread......this cameraman seems intent on capturing Becky's smiling face.)

Benjamin Bowser, a pure bred Sculpey creation from the Ban Sidhe kennel, leads this grouping. After Ben comes Becky again, flashing her winning smile.This time she's riding in the comfort of a dog-pulled vintage egg cup. She is followed closely by Serenity, this time being chauffeured by the zoo keeper herself.

Here She Comes

Oh look! The LittleFees, Pumpkin and Peanut, have joined the paraders. I see Hickory Dickory has taken over the roadster. Becky is bravely trying out camel riding while Serenity coaxes along a fat lamb with anxiety issues.

Littlefees on Parade More to come.....

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Signed and Sealed

The first three have been signed, given a protective coat of sealant, and ......

signed and sealed

...... they have been sold! I'll have to get to work and make Becky some more.