Sunday, July 18, 2021

End of the Tour

Today is the last day of the Tour de Fleece. It won't be my last day of spinning though. I'm hooked! I really love spinning outdoors each day using my Electric Eel Wheel 6 (EEW6), so that will likely continue, at least in the mornings, all summer long.

Above is all of the spinning that I accomplished during the 23 day Tour de Fleece. The last skein was the drab green one. The colour doesn't excite me, so the Superwash Merino mill ends have languished in my stash for many many years. I finally got around to drum carding them during the tour. I have enough remaining to spin another large 3ply skein. I'll get started on that today. 😄

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Still Spinning Daily

The daily spinning for the Tour de Fleece continues. This 50/50 merino/tencel blend, hand dyed by Jude of Ewesful Creations, is on my EEW6 right now. I'm almost finished spinning the last of three 4 oz braids of it and then will likely get to the plying this afternoon. 

When that is complete I'll dive into this huge pile of fluffy batts. Both the white and the green were carded on my Patrick Green "Deb's Delicate Deluxe" drum carder from Superwash mill ends I purchased many years ago. I'll likely start with the green since there is less of it to get through and then I can recycle the cardboard box I have it stored in.

Somehow I totally skipped posting these two completed spinning projects. Both are BFL hand dyed by Jude. 8 oz of the green, 4 oz of the yellow. I love the vibrant colours!

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Modified Long Draw

There was some discussion in a spinning forum about different drafting methods. I mentioned that with the ability to put an e-spinner to the side, rather than directly in front of me, my method, a form of modified long draw, has become very comfortable and ergonomic. I was asked for a video of how I spin and my husband made this short video. 

With the foot switch of the EEW6 up by my feet I am able to stop or start the e-spinner without moving my hands from the drafting in progress. 

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Too Busy for Updates

 I've been lagging behind in photo updates of the ongoing spinning for the Tour de Fleece. As pledged, I have been spinning every day of the tour. This is what I've accomplished so far:

6 skeins of BFL in the "Crayon Box" colourway, from 4 oz. braids hand dyed by Jude of Ewesful Creations. The two on the left were spun and plyed as a fractual. The remaining four were chain plyed. I think I'll use all of them together in a Saori weaving.

These three skeins are also BFL wool from 4 oz. braids hand dyed by Jude and then spun and chain plyed by me.

I've now started in on a lovely wool/tencel blend. No pictures of that one yet.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Day 2

The second day of the Tour de Fleece was quite productive. The family was hiding out from extremely hot temperatures by staying indoors in air conditioned comfort. I spun through a movie and then a long visit with family and got quite a bit done.

I finished the first braid, all of it on bobbin one, and I'm now about 1/2 way through the second braid. 

Even with central air conditioning running constantly it is 80°F (26.67°C) in our house this evening! I feel so sorry for those suffering through this extreme heat without air conditioning! We've only had it ourselves for the past few years. 

Before the Start

Before the start of the Tour de Fleece yesterday I needed to clear my bobbins of another ongoing project. These two skeins are the result. They are 3 ply Superwash merino (of about a fingering weight I think) spun up from batts I made from mill ends I purchased years and years ago.

I have way more batts to spin and a lot more to card -- pounds of the stuff~ I'll get back to it after the Tour de Fleece. 

Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Tour de Fleece 2021 Begins

I began the Tour de Fleece 2021 at 10am, spinning outdoors in the (hot) shade, but by noon I had to retreat indoors to air conditioned comfort. It's 40°C, (104°F) out there and will be getting hotter as the day progresses! 

My goals for the 23 day tour are to spin every day, and to finish up with enough handspun of this colourway to make something worthwhile. 

I have six of these vibrant BFL braids, all dyed by Jude Pilote of Ewesful Creations.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Tour de Fleece 2021

I'm stocking up for the 2021 "Tour de Fleece" which runs in conjunction with the Tour de France bike race from June 26th to July 18th.

This is the most recent acquisition. A blue faced leicester wool roving hand dyed by Jude Pilote of Ewesful Creations. The pile above is actually two different colourways -- the vibrant lime green that I love, and a very bright yellow. 

This large colourful lot was also dyed by Jude, at my request. I'm pretty sure that between those three batches I'll have enough to keep me going through the entire tour, since I don't spin all day long like some participants, but ---

--- just incase I come to the end of all that glorious colour I have been carding up some superwash merino mill ends. I'm not saving these prepped batts just for the tour though. I've begun spinning these up and will continue until June 26th when the Tour de Fleece officially starts. I won't run out -- there is plenty of this white yet to be carded.