Friday, January 22, 2021

Whatever Cardigan Complete

 The cardigan I've been working on since late October is finally complete.

Lots of other hobbies and interests meant I spent limited time knitting. Usually only an hour in the evening while watching TV.

I also made innovations to the pattern which was designed strictly as a pullover.

I added vertical pocket openings at just the right height for comfort and then knit the inner portion in a thinner, very soft yarn.

I also steeked and cut open the front then knit a button band to create a cardigan. 

I'm happy with it. It's colourful and cozy. 

Things I'd do differently if I knit it again? I'd bring the neckline up a bit. It's not horrible or anything but my neck will get chilly if I'm not wearing a turtleneck underneath. I'd also make the button band just a wee bit wider, more for aesthetic reasons than anything else. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Testing, Testing

 I just completed an itty bitty test knit for Heevis Miniatures. 

The largest of these sleepers for doll house babies is less than 2" tall! It was knit on 1.2mm needles (4/0) using 1ply cashmere. The smaller ones on either side were knit using the same pattern but 1mm needles (5/0) and a finer cashmere thread. 

The pattern does include working buttonholes but unfortunately I don't have anything that fits. The tiniest seed beads I have (on the blue sleeper) are way too large and the 2mm buttons I ordered are a little too small and won't stay fastened. They also have such tiny holes that it is a struggle to get even my finest beading needle through the hole. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Completely From Stash

This sweater is coming together completely free to me. No supplies were purchased. It is made from little bits and bobs from my stash. 

The bottom hem is not droopy and uneven. That's just shadows.

I started with the concept of the "Whatever" sweater pattern by "Julie Knits in Paris", which is knit in the round from the top down. When the body was complete I cut a steek down the centre front and added a button band since I find cardigans more wearable and useful. 

It could be worn as is, but I plan a bit more work before I call this project finished. First I will be weaving Inkle bands to cover the edges of the steeks on the inside. When that is done I will be adding two pockets. Rather than the awkward horizontal openings so common to knits I plan to steek vertical openings. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

A New Dress and Wig

I made Willie a new Christmas dress and wig.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Ready In Time For Christmas

Done! And with five days to spare even. My goal was to have this weaving ready to hang on our front door by December 1st.

The plan was to hang it between our front door and the storm door in lue of a traditional wreath since the space doesn't have a lot of depth. My husband and son think I should hang it inside. That way it won't be temptation to a thief and we can also enjoy it more indoors than something that hangs outside where we ourselves would only see it occasionally.

The Saori style weaving is lit with a string of 50 very tiny battery operated lights. I poked them through the weaving from the back and then secured each and every one with a discrete yarn tie. 

The battery pack that powers the light string hangs hidden behind and is supported by the large candy cane. The lights can be turned on once and will cycle through a 6 hours on, 18 hours off, repeating pattern, or they can be turned on and off at will with the push of a button. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Better Safe Than Sorry

I was cautioned by an experienced spinner to do a plying experiment before committing my entire 4oz ply of Recycled Sari Silk to being plyed with the Blue Faced Leicester wool. She was concerned that the two very different fibres would react differently when the yarn was set -- the wool perhaps shrinking while the silk did not. That would, of course, end up with the silk creating loose loops like boucle. 

I had already started spinning the BFL so I decided to spin it all and if the plying experiment showed combining the two was a big NO then I would just ply them back on themselves. 

As it turned out my little plying test was a resounding success! The two different fibres played very well together.

The silk ply adds sheen and little specks of colour and the BFL adds some loft and softness. 

This is great news since I have other colours of Recycled Sari Silk matched with BFL that I still have to spin.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sari Silk by Longdraw

 When I started spinning this recycled Sari silk I was prepared for a wretched experience. I don't like spinning lumpy preps and my past experiences with spinning recycled Sari silk blended with wool was torturous. 

Not too far into this spin I made a very helpful discovery. Sari silk actually spins quite nicely when spun by itself using a long draw technique very close to how I spin cotton. I spun through all 4oz of it today.

I have 4ox of Bluefaced Leicester wool that is dyed in a very similar green. I'll spin it up separately and then ply the two together.