Wednesday, April 11, 2018

March in April

Now that April is well underway I am finally getting around to posting a picture of the March section of the "My Year in Temperatures" scarf.

With March bringing warmer temperatures than we saw in February the scarf got a little more colourful! The "tomato" red is the warmest weather we've had so far this year. That was March 12, with a high temperature of 18°C (64°F). We saw 7 days with lows of 0°C (32°F). Those lows are represented by the dark blue green dots (Knitpicks Palette in "Rainforest"). The black garter stitch ridges divide March from February and April. 

Monday, April 02, 2018

Retired After 44+ Years

After more than 44 long years of dedicated service --

-- the squeak of the handle of this well worn lunch kit will no longer be announcing my husband's return from work as a telephone lineman.

Today is the first day in over 44 years (not counting vacation time and the very rare sick day) that both he and his lunch box will not be heading off to work. The two of them have now officially retired. I'm so thankful for all the years he worked to support our family and to secure a comfortable future for us.

Enjoy your retirement Brian, you deserve it!  ahem  Are you ready for your "Honey Do" list?

(Full disclosure? This lunch kit wasn't  quite with him the entire time. For the first few years he had a shorter one just like it.)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Boro Progress

Looking back through previous blog posts I see that I started the work on this boro vest almost a year ago. Since the last update I've added many more patches and a whole lot of stitching to the front.

It's still not "complete". Some of the patches don't have their reinforcing stitching done.

And I have plans to eventually add patches to those lower pockets as well.

In the meantime I wear the vest almost daily, as an added layer as one would a favourite cardigan,

and that has added some wear to the front button band which, in the true boro style, now needs patches on its patches! I hope to keep repairing this garment as the need arises. I think it has an element of "wabi-sabi" to it. Quoting a Wikipedia's entry on wabi-sabi: "The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete."

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Finished at Long Last

I've been far busier lately than my non-existent blogging might suggest! Knowing how the computer can be a time sucking vortex I've been avoiding it, preferring to spend my time in more productive pursuits. It's working, I have finished projects!
In the last while I finally managed to finish sweaters for BOTH of my granddaughters. The girls have been waiting for their promised "back to school" sweaters for quite some time! I lost my knitting mojo part way through and the projects stalled for months on end. Then when I had the knitting nearly complete I discovered that both cardigans needed some adjustments to fit properly. That was rather discouraging and again the knitting stalled.

But now, finally, the delayed projects are complete and have been delivered -- a full six months later than I originally intended, but still large enough for both girls to wear them for quite some time yet. Years perhaps! In other hobby news: Work continues on the "My Year In Temperatures" scarf, my denim boro vest is constantly being added to, and my large cross-stitch picture is nearly complete with only the back stitching yet to be done. I work on that last project every single day, without fail.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

February All Knit Up

The work on the "My Year in Temperatures" scarf continues. February is now all knit up. The section you see from black garter stitch ridge to black garter stitch ridge is February's section.

Each day is represented by three rows in a colour that coincides with the day's high temperature in Chilliwack. The dots that are placed every 6th stitch on the 2nd row of each day are in the colour that represents the low for that day. Kapisch?

This photo of the knitting since the beginning of the year is probably the last shot where you will see the project in its entirety. A little more knitting and it will be too long to capture in one photograph! At the end of the year my calculations have it at a length of about 10 feet! Perhaps not a practical length, but fun!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

At War With Himself

After about 48 hours in his new home Solomon discovered he had a rival next door.

It wasn't long before the war began. He spends well over an hour each morning flaring aggressively at his reflection in the glass, even attacking that annoying mimic at times.

Some flaring is rumoured to be good for a Betta fish, something like flexing one's muscles, but too much time spent flaring and charging back and forth must be stressful for the poor fish. I can just imagine the strain caused by the need to defend your home against an aggressive and threatening neighbour each and every day! 

I tried leaving the lights off in the tank but it didn't completely eliminate the problem, and what's the point in having a fish tank if you can't see the fish?!

Today, after reading about fixes for this kind of Betta behaviour, I went out and bought a bushy fern type plant that will fill the 6" x 10" end of his tank where most of the problem occurs. 

He's a very curious little guy and it wasn't more than a minute before he was over there checking it out.

Was that a nibble I saw? Hopefully now he knows it's fake and not edible.

But now there is another problem!

His curiosity may just get him into trouble!! I'll have to watch him carefully. I was worried about him there for a bit, thinking him stuck, but when I moved my hand closer he scurried out of there with no difficulty. Now he seems to have found a favourite spot, resting way up at the top near the surface of the water. 

I read on a spiritual site recently that if you pay attention to the animals and nature around you they can have a message for you. After watching Solomon fight with himself with such ferocity and persistence, possibly bringing harm to himself in the long term, I can't help but see that there is an important message in that for me.

Bonus picture! 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Solomon's Debut

Meet my beautiful new Betta fish, Solomon, just purchased today. His name means "peace" in Hebrew.

I'm not sure, but I think he'd be classified as a "Half Moon Fancy". 

I chose him for his striking colours, but I'm happy to find that he is also a very peaceful fish, not bothering his tank mates at all.