Thursday, November 04, 2021

Won't Fit For Long!

 I'm almost finished this sweater for Teddy.

I just need to find appropriate buttons for the belly straps and get them sewn on.

But I don't know if he'll get much wear from it. 

The weather is just starting to get a bit cold here, 

and Teddy can't walk in places where other dogs may have roamed until he's had his next vaccinations 3 weeks from now.

By then he may have outgrown the sweater! 

While I was knitting it it seemed like it was going to be too large.

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Teddy's First Hallowe'en

 Happy Hallowe'en everyone, from Li'l One-eyed Teddy!

This is his very first Hallowe'en, and he's a little bummed that he didn't get a costume to go out Trick-or-Treating. 

He figured costumes like "Cyclops", "Flying Purple People Eater", "Long John Silver" and "Mad Eye Moody" would be perfect for a uniquely handsome guy like himself.

But he is only a little over 12 weeks old and until he has been fully vaccinated it's not considered safe for him to be out and about where other dogs may have been.

Maybe next year Teddy. I know at least one neighbour who would be sure to have a little treat for you -- costume or not. 

Monday, October 04, 2021

Where Does a Teddy Sleep?

 Where does Teddy, our new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, sleep?

Officially? -- in his little kennel. At least that's where he sleeps at night and occasionally during the day when he feels so inclined.

But if everyone is downstairs and keeping an eye on him he also has a little bed there. 

He really appreciates sleeping on laps or cradled in someone's arms too.

And if a "walk" happens when he is sufficiently tired he'll sleep in a sling too. Today (cue ominous music) he wasn't sufficiently tired and the walk was no nap. For me it was more like wrestling with a 5 pound many toothed shark or a tiger! Next time I'll be bringing his teething ring just in case!

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Teddy's Homecoming.

Teddy came home with us this morning! He was a very good boy for the whole trip, not a whimper! He's also the first puppy we've ever brought home without a barfing-in-the-car incident.

Teddy's blind left eye doesn't stop him from being curious about the world around him.

He doesn't like the grass though. That might make potty training a bit tricky.

I took him out in a Snuggly-like puppy sling and he immediately fell asleep and seems quite content in there.

Do you think he might end up a bit spoiled here? 😄


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Two More Sleeps!

 Young children, when excited about an upcoming event, often express the counting down of the days as a number of "sleeps". Well, I'm counting sleeps! Two more to go before the big day. On Saturday little Teddy will be coming home with us!

Teddy's vet visit went well. His eye abnormality is due to Microphthalmia. He has one eye that is smaller and underdeveloped. He is blind in that eye. It can't be corrected or "cured", but he can live a normal and otherwise healthy and happy life. Everything else about his health looks good.

Here's a photo of him with his siblings at the vet's office. He's the second from the left.

He was being such a good boy --- so tolerant of the antics of his rowdy littermates.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Sewing In My Remaining Time

Time is short so I've been getting some necessary things done. One of those things is the addition of a couple of needed night shirts. I've made them before so no learning curve, and the confidence of a good fit means getting a couple more into my drawer didn't take long. Good thing, since if all goes well there will be a distraction that makes finding sewing time difficult. Well -- he will make ANY hobby time difficult for at least a few months I think! 

If his vet check up goes well on Wednesday, this little guy, an 8 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, will be joining us on the weekend. He has an eye problem that needs further investigation, but baring any other complications we will be welcoming him with open arms. Please send your prayers, well wishes, good energy, whatever positive thoughts you can muster. We love him already!

So after shamelessly using a puppy photo to drag interest to the blog, here's the two nighties. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

Adding Ribbing

 Although the original pattern, Drops 51-21, did not have ribbing on the bottom hem, I have added some. I think it will look and fit better this way. I picked up the 1x1 ribbing from a provisional cast on and knit it top down, ending with a tubular cast off.

I've also chosen to carry the cabling pattern all the way across the whole sweater, rather than just on the fronts as instructed in the pattern. I want the back to be as impressive as the front!

Here it is, pre-ribbing, laid out flat so you can see the intricate patterning. These long long rows that go all the way around the body are very slow to knit. 280 stitches per row!