Saturday, November 24, 2018

Dealing With Hurtful Criticism

Wonderful video by Marie Forleo on dealing with criticism.

The 4 Keys To Dealing With Criticism.

All my life I've had a hard time dealing with criticism. This video, and a pep talk by some supportive friends, have shown me that criticism is nothing more than one person's opinion.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Les Etoiles

This is the "Les Etoiles" pattern by BMannByBridget sewn up in a medium weight knit fabric. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. It's super comfortable and the drape of the fabric is perfect.

I lowered the pockets by 3.25 inches from the pattern's location but they are a bit low now. Next time I'll split the difference. I find the perfect location for a pocket is just over my hip bones.

The reverse side of my fabric is not attractive so I had to hand stitch the back of the collar down, from shoulder to shoulder to be sure it doesn't show while worn. It kind of messes up the fall of the collar. Next time, if the fabric is single faced, I'll make the collar doubled so there is no wrong side to it.

The outfit actually looks better with plain black leggings but I couldn't be bothered to go change.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Walking the Docs

The slow and sometimes painful break in period for a new pair of Doc Marten 1460 boots is almost over.

I successfully wore them today for a long dog walk followed by two appointments and some errands. Over eight hours of continuous wear without a blister or sore spot. Yay! For a while there I was worried that this day would never come.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Scratching That Itch

I've always been intrigued by pine needle basket making.

There aren't many trees in this area that grow needles that are long enough and strong enough, but I've found one tree that is shedding needles that are at least the minimum six inches in length.

With the help of multiple YouTube videos and some supplies I had on hand I'm learning the technique. The orange piece is a plastic drinking straw being used as a gauge. I'm using weaving cotton in place of rattan or sinew. It's just a first, learning piece.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Wagging Tails and Vicious Snarls

A peculiar yarn with long waggling loose tails created quite a mess of snarls during warping today. Those tails did not work alone. A rather innocent looking, smooth but stretchy yarn was co-conspirator. They clung to each other mercilessly throughout the entire beaming process.

But I eventually won the war and I'm up and weaving. In fact I'm over 1/4 of the way through an eternity style scarf.

That's one of the beautiful benefits of a Saori loom. This pink yardage was off the loom and I had another project sleyed, threaded, beamed and tensioned later the same day and was up and weaving again. 

There is enough of this lightweight pink cotton yardage to make some sort of simple top I think -- if I ever find the time! So many hobbies, such short days!
  • I have 2 knitting projects on the go with another 2 waiting in the wings. All of them I'd like to see finished and being worn. 
  • I'm really enjoying working on a rather time consuming Boro/Sashiko stitching project. I'd love to be able to work on it all day, every day but unfortunately chores and other commitments intrude.
  • My most recent Upcycle sewing project, "The Michelle Dress", is stalled because I am just not able to drape it properly on myself so I simply must get my dress form fitted and carved to better represent my true shape and size. Not an easy or quick project!
  • My granddaughter and I gathered a large pile of pine needles and I need to get them sorted, washed, and then soaked so I can try my hand at making pine needle baskets. 
  • When I can I like to get to the guild's Tuesday spinning so I can justify my spinning fibre stash.
  • My fish tank has had an outbreak of what I think is Cyanobacteria, commonly called Blue-green Algae, though it's not an algae at all but a form of fast spreading aquatic bacteria. It's making a mess of my tank and I've got to get it under control. 
  • And -- last but certainly not least, I walk Kona, my son's dog, for about and hour to an hour and a half 5 days a week.
So there you go Louise. That's what I've been up to lately.  ;-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

For My Next Magic Trick

With a little more work than just the wave of a magic wand,

I'll be refashioning these 5 men's shirts into a women's dress using the Paganoonoo pattern for the Michelle Dress.

The colour in the photo is off. All five shirts are in the navy to denim blue range, two with a little beige, four with at least a touch of grey, and four with some white.

I may not use all five shirts. We'll see how it goes once I get started. The three on the right are for sure being used. The one on the far right fits the best through the chest and shoulders and suits my colouring the most. The next two seem to look best draped at the front for the pockets. The plaid shirt that is second from the left is actually my favourite so I'm hoping to somehow work it in.

Any remaining fabric, and there will likely be plenty, is in the exact colours I like to keep on hand for my boro/sashiko work, so it all good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


A perfect day kayaking on Hick's Lake. Beautiful weather which was neither too hot nor too cold, mirror smooth lake reflecting the blue sky and gorgeous mountains, and best of all ---

--- the amazing quiet. Come along, I'll take you for a 25 second ride. Be sure to have your speakers on. You'll hear practically nothing, it's so peaceful!

I love these little day trips!