Wednesday, March 13, 2019

7 More Minis

While I've been working on a few other creative projects around here my 4 inch minis slipped to the wayside for a bit, but I'd like to get back to them as soon as possible.

It's only been a few days but already I really miss that quiet, creative time after dinner, just me and my stitching.

In the meantime here are 7 more that have been completed since I last posted about Stitching Meditations.

These are all done with no preplanning. I just dig through my scraps and see what happens.

The mini shown below is actually the worn out elbow section of one of my husbands denim shirts. It is overlapping a section of a worn out, ancient old handkerchief. Peeking through that you can just see the plaid flannel from a shirt that is used as a backing to all of my recent squares.

The bright orange mini below is the corner from a sarong I cut up for a scarf I showed recently. It is sewn to a thrifted linen blend fabric that was used as an inexpensive "muslin" for a trial pattern that failed so never quite made it as a bloggable sewing project. 

This last mini is a strip of that same bright orange-red linen blend fabric laid in a wandering path over a square of the duvet fabric I used in my heavily embroidered Les Etoiles tunic.

There will be more. Probably many more. Perhaps one day they will find themselves attached in groups to a backing and displayed somewhere where the details can be seen. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Squirrel! This project takes its name from the calendar picture I used as colour inspiration. 

The photo was a birthday gift given to me by my nine year old granddaughter.

I'm very pleased with the way this Nobius Cowl turned out. "Nobius" is a name given by a Saori Weaving forum member to a mobius cowl that has no twist and therefor doesn't have the classic mobius shape. I prefer mine without the twist since they look about the same when worn but are easier to fold and store flat. 

My home is decorated in the colours present in the cowl, but they aren't colours I wear, so once the year end guild luncheon with it's "photo inspiration challenge" is over I'll be selling it. I sell them for $75 - $80 Canadian, usually at the Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market in November. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019


I've slid down another crafting rabbit hole. Are you surprised? It seems every textile art I ever experiment with grabs me and consumes me at least for a time. 

These are 4 inch "Stitch Meditations" I've been working on the past few days. 

The idea is to simply spend some time relaxing and stitching, without planning, without perfection, and without an end purpose. It's about the process, not the end product.

According to the description statement of a related Facebook group "this process was developed by Liz Kettle to help develop a creative mindfulness practice that is simple and easy to implement."

I have definitely found that this sort of small daily practice spurs creativity, not just for that which is related to embroidery but in every creative arena.

Stitch Meditations with Liz Kettle from Liz Kettle on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Back at the Loom

After a long hiatus my Creative Muse has finally led me back to the loom.

My weaving room was a mess so I had been avoiding going in there even though a deadline for a guild year end challenge to "use a photo as inspiration for a project" was getting closer. I could have spent hours looking for just the right traditionally "pretty" photo for the challenge, but in an effort to tidy my weaving space I came across this calendar picture given to me by my youngest granddaughter for my last birthday. Spontaneously I thought, "Sure, why not?", and selected it as my inspiration photo for the guild challenge.

That was yesterday. That evening I chose yarns from my stash using colours from the photo to guide my selection and then wound a warp. Today I got the warp sleyed and threaded and then beamed and tensioned on the loom.

This afternoon I wove the entire length for a mobius scarf. Even I was surprised at how fast that went!

I'm not yet finished the weaving. There is still the "catch and turn" to do. That's an interesting little maneuver where the  beginning of the warp is freed, the warp is caught under the apron rod and  retensioned, and then all those beginning warp ends are woven into the end as weft. Tricky, but turns out great. I'll be doing that tomorrow.

Once the project is cut from the loom it still must be "wet set" (washed and pressed), and all the little end tails trimmed, inclusions tacked down, and fringe twisted. I'll be back in a few days to show you the finished scarf. Although the soft greys, beiges, cream and soft gold look lovely together they are not "my" colours at all so it will eventually be for sale. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Another Upcycle Sewing Project

I've been enjoying doing some "upcycle" sewing projects lately. Repurposing textiles that have been donated to thrift stores keeps them from the landfills and that in turn protects our planet from the abuse of the excess textile manufacturing that goes into today's "fast fashion", mass produced clothing not designed to last more than one season. 

I found a lovely, brand new, blue/black, high quality, polished 100% cotton sheet at a local thrift store. I sewed it up into a Les Etoiles tunic (pattern by BMannbyBridget) and a pair of pull on pants (pattern Jalie 3243). I quite like the pair worn together. They look kind of elegant in an easy fitting, comfortable sort of way.

I had originally intended to wear it with this short handwoven tabard  I made long ago, but the colourful tabard was not really made to fit over a tunic that is loose and flowing. It pulls the tunic in and makes it bunch up. I do love the splash of colour it gives the otherwise monotone outfit though.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Twill's New Hat

I used a pattern for fur wigs to get the basic shape for a  perfectly fitted beanie style hat for Twill.

His friend Bronson also received a one piece suit and hat.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Change of Direction

The sewing project I had been working on for myself was not going well and after a couple of days of working on it, unsuccessfully changing things up in an effort to make it better, I finally admitted it was nothing but a garbage can liner, or "wadder" as some call an item destined for the trash. Needing a refreshing change of direction I put my sewing skills to this task instead.

Ben's wife, Wilhelmina, has retired and, with a new one piece costume entirely hand sewn by me, he/she has instead become a little fellow named "Twill" my Creative Muse. If his interview goes well, perhaps he'll be my blogging assistant too? 

He's suggesting that he'd like a hat, if I could work that out?