Friday, May 31, 2013

Leah Siblings


Pumpkin and Gourd, Littlefee Leah sculpt siblings.


I've been pretty busy lately. Dropping a few photos off is about all I can manage at the moment!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Witness Boxy

I started a new project today. In the coming week I may be spending an awful lot of time sitting around bored and yet under a great deal of stress at the same time. I have been subpoenaed as a witness in a criminal trial. I need something mindless to do with my hands while I wait. "Mindless" because there will be a lot of other things crowding in on my thoughts. Miles and miles of non-stop stockinette stitch should do the trick!

Hand spun "Boxy" with tubular cast on.

These are the first few rows of the front piece of a sweater pattern aptly named "Boxy". It's the oddest thing! A big wide square with narrow little sleeves seamed onto the sides.Most people who have knit the pattern have loved the finished sweater if not the endless hours of stockinette stitch. I'm hopeful that the end result will be worthy of the time and hand spun yarn that will be going into it.

The wonky looking stitches are due in part to the handspun I am using. It's a bit over spun in places. The fabric is also intentionally very loose to provide the needed drape for the style. Hopefully a good blocking of the finished garment will improve it's appearance!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

On the 5th Draft!

Lately I've been working on designing a knitting pattern for a Nappy Choo hoodie.

Nappy Choo hoodie

Every time I think that I've got it aced I knit it up again only to find that there is one more small bit of tweaking to be done.

Penny goes exploring.

Sleeves shortened, body shortened, placket extended, hood reshaped, ----

A nip in the air.

I'm starting on my 4th knit through now.

NC hoodie, back

This time I think I'll be taking another 4 to 6 rows off the length of the hood.

Nappy Choo hoodie and pants

As it is now, unless the yarn has a lot of drape to it, the hood stands up too high over the head.

New outfit

Hopefully the next revision will be the final one!


I'll likely include the pattern for the sewn pants as well.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Muckle John

This fanciful guy arrived yesterday. I purchased him secondhand off the DoA Marketplace and named him "Muckle John", after the last court jester of England.

Muckle Jogn

His unusual faceup is rather roughly executed and it's done with acrylic paints rather than the usual pastels, but I was after the Littlefee body more than anything else and he came at a good price and with some fun extras.


Though the two boys are very different, he and Gourd seem to get along okay.


In fact Muckle John has been teaching Gourd a few things about the entertainment industry.

An Unexpected Friendship

Still, I think Peanut will be happy when Muckle John retires to his box and Gourd takes over the male body so she can have her female body back. While sleeping in her box she has been having nightmares that the two boys gang up and refuse to give her body back.

Loaning a costume

Peanut may have a point! These two are looking more and more like a tag team by the minute!


Hopefully the boys aren't thinking those outfits would make great pro-wrestler attire.


Maybe Peanut will have a chance to get her body back when both of the boys fall asleep?

Nodding off.