Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Upcoming Show

A deadline is fast approaching. My spinning and weaving guild is having an art show at City Hall and the deadline for guild members to get their submissions in is Saint Patricks Day. The show is titled "Scarf City" and will be a display/sale of scarves made by guild members. Guild Standards require that the scarves either be woven or contain at least 50% handspun yarn. I'll likely submit one woven scarf and one handspun, handknit lace one.

This is what I have done so far.

Don't worry, it will look far better when it's blocked! Handknit lace undergoes an amazing transformation from rumpled dishrag to elegant work of art during the blocking process.

I'm starting both ends at the same time for two reasons. First, I want the wave patterns to be the same at both ends of the scarf with the lace pattern "right side up" at both ends. Second, I have a limited amount of this hand dyed, handspun merino/silk blend and this way I can use every last inch and still be assured that both ends will end up the same length. The two ends will be grafted in the middle when they are complete.

I'll recycle a picture from an older post to show you the handspun I am using.


Sherie said...

Gorgeous handspun! That will be a beautiful scarf.

Maggie Ann said...

Lovely! So starting both ends at the same time means a seam in the middle I'm guessing? I'm a question box aren't I...=)

Marlene said...

Not really a seam Maggie Ann. I will graft the two ends together. Grafting is like another row of stitches but manipulated by hand with a needle rather than actually knit. There is one row in the lace pattern that is just knit all the way across. I'm hoping a reversal of the pattern at that point will look okay.