Saturday, March 13, 2010

Handspun For Barbie

This is the last Barbie outfit I had time to make before wrapping up Kaylen's birthday presents.

The fisherman's rib sweater and pants are hand knit from bits of yarn I had on hand. The pattern is "#2 White Sweater and Black Trousers", by Sticka till Barbie

The hat is a teeny, tiny version of a pattern meant for human sized heads, but which works equally well for dolls. "Lifestyle Top down Hats, No Swatch Needed", by Charisa Martin Cairn

I knit it up from a teeny, tiny ball of leftover handspun.


Dorothy said...

Thanks for the link to the hat pattern. As a beginning spinner I have some handspun that defies any category. Now I have a direction to go with it.

Marlene said...

You're welcome Dorothy. It's quite possibly the best hat pattern there is for those mystery gauge handspuns.

becky c. said...

I'm starting to wish I had a Barbie!

Ruinwen said...

I just love that hat! Thanks for the link. :)

Nancy said...

Wow! What a wonderful birthday present!Love the sweater, pants and the hat is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Your work is just awesome. Beautiful job on the Barbie clothes. I remember my Mom sewing clothes for our dolls for Xmas gifts. Unfortunately for her we were triplets so that meant three of everything for Barbie and us!!!