Monday, April 19, 2010

Say Hello To Delilah

Say hello to Delilah. She's the perfect knitters' friend. She never complains that a style doesn't suit her, that the colour is wrong, that the yarn is too scratchy, that the sweater is too warm. . . . or not warm enough. She's never demanding and always pleased when she gets something new.

She arrived today wearing her school uniform and was ever so grateful to change into her welcome home gift, a Daniel Bingham tunic style vest which I hand knit for her, and a coordinating pair of black, stretchy jeans.

Always quick to add her own personal touch she rooted through her bags and found her velvet tux jacket and school neck tie. Perfect!

Do say hello if you have the time. She's a friendly girl and she's such fun to knit and sew for that I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of her.


MoederKip said...

Very stylish!
Nice to have a compliant model isn't it ;-)

Ruinwen said...

What a great outfit! I love that tunic! Another beautiful outfit I'd so wear. :)

Dorothy said...

What a beautiful model! It's going to be fun watching all the beautiful clothes you'll be making for her.

kristo said...

She looks great in her new tunic-vest! Ellowyne can hardly wait to meet her. ;)

Geraldine said...

Oh so cute!!! I saw your comment over at Vixenpath's and totally agreed with what you said about the right place...excellent advice.

I have two blogs, hope you can stop by sometime too. I'm in BC as well, small world.

Nancy said...

Welcome Home Delilah!

Great tunic. It looks like you'll be having much fun together!