Wednesday, June 02, 2010

February Lady DOLL Sweater

At long last the doll sized February Lady Sweater is done. I enjoyed working on it but I'm also glad to have it off the needles and modelled on the recipient.

It was every bit as much work as making a full sized lady's sweater because stitch for stitch it follows a full sized pattern. It's tiny because I used laceweight handspun yarn and size 1.25mm needles (0000 - 4/0 US) instead of the worsted weight yarn and the much larger 5mm needles recommended.

The resulting sweater is 1/4 scale and fits this vinyl doll, Delilah Noir, and should also fit slim MSD dolls like the Narae I have on order.

Click twice on any of the photos to enlarge a bit for more detail. Once to bring the photo up, and then a second time to enlarge.

I spun the laceweight yarn starting with very soft hand dyed merino and silk roving by Fleece Artist.


Chriss said...

Not sure which impresses me most - the 1/4 scale knitting from handspun no less or the amazing photo shoots. Thoroughly enjoying both!

Ruinwen said...

Wow! I love that sweater. I agree with Chriss...not only is your knitting skill impressive but your spinning too. I love the gradual color changes! :)

Marlene said...

Thanks Chriss. My photography skills leave much to be desired, but I take a LOT of pictures so that I can pick through them and find something that is in focus and looks okay.

Ruinwen I spun the singles with a bit of a system so that I'd get a repeating colour pattern, and then I had to reel off a bit of the yarn to get both sleeves started at approximately the same place so that the colour bands would be relatively uniform across the whole sweater.