Friday, October 29, 2010

They Shall Be Clothed

You may remember that I was waiting for a 43cm Asian ball jointed doll, a Narae that I had ordered way back in May. Turns out there was trouble between the artist and the company he was creating the dolls for. I eventually requested and received a full refund. I then took that money and ordered two smaller dolls of an entirely different style.

The two new dolls are Fairyland LittleFee dolls in the Ante Elf, and Leah sculpts. I've ordered them in the "basic" version meaning they will come without clothing or wigs. Just the naked doll with it's face painted (referred to by collectors as a "face-up") and with default eyes (eyes randomly selected by the doll company).

I have a very specific look in mind for each of these dolls so I've gone ahead and ordered wigs and eyes for them. I've also started sewing for them.

Here's their first outfits, matching but not identical. I sewed the little dresses and bloomers from three men's dress shirts I found at a thrift store. The lace and trim on each outfit is different, and I reversed the placement of the solid coloured fabric.

The dolls won't arrive until some time around Christmas, so I'll have to wait until then to photograph the outfits modelled by the resin girls they were made for. I have a pattern for jeans, a casual top, and pyjamas too. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to find patterns for a few knits too.

Haven't been this impatient for Christmas to arrive for years......make that decades.


Christine said...

Sigh! I wish I was on your Christmas list :)

lookinout said...

Looking at your wonderful results makes me think that redesigning the sewing machine could be really helpful. I'd organize it to give more space for the hands. We've put up with machine design for decades.