Monday, March 07, 2011

Inspection Team

See! It's not always all about the dollies around here. Sometimes they help me with my other hobbies. ;-)

After nearly two years of not using my floor loom I finally listened to it's call and put on a mixed warp for a couple of scarves. I had last woven on the loom during the most intensely stressful time of my life and somehow my desire to put that horrid time behind me meant that I also left weaving for a much longer period of time than I had anticipated.

To come back to the hobby in the gentlest and safest way possible I purchased a mixed scarf warp last October at the Desert Mesa Spin-In. Even with the warp all calculated, measured, cut and bundled for me, it still took another six months for me to actually approach the loom and get it warped. But for me, warping is the hard part, the part that I dread, and now that it's over. . . .

. . . . . . and I'm back on the weaving bench again, I am really enjoying it. I'm using my own handspun wool/silk/angelina blend and I love the look it's producing in a simple, plain weave.

Peanut and Pumpkin love it too. They are wondering what my plans are for the remaining several feet of warp that remains now that I've completed both scarves.


Rachael said...

The weaving looks wonderful! What kind of loom do you use? I am still getting to know mine and all of the ins and outs of weaving (no pun intendid)

Christine said...

Welcome back to weaving! I confess I want to touch the scarf just like Peanut and Pumpkin. Plus, I was curious too about what you would do with any leftover fabric.

Marlene said...

Rachael I knew someone somewhere had asked me what loom I was using, and that I hadn't answered, but I visit so many different threads on various forums that I just couldn't find it. Glad I finally found your question again.

The loom is a 36", 4 shaft, Artisat Floor Loom purchased second hand. It came with a history of being owned and loved by some great weavers.

Do you have "Learning to Weave" by Deborah Chandler? It's a great book to get started with and was the textbook in my college weaving class.

Christine, I haven't completely decided yet, but I'm playing with possibilities. For now the remaining warp has served rather well as an opportunity to practice and experiment with my finishing techniques.

Rachael said...

Marlene - glad to know your loom has been in loving hands for a long time. I wish I knew the history of mine - all I know is that my Mom saved it from the dump at the tail end of an estate sale.
I do have Debbie's book - I basically taught myself to weave with it (still learning).
I have been at a standstill with my weaving lately though.

nonniemous said...

Oh, what fun! I've been wanting to get my tabletweaving out again, and this is inspirational. Just all that pesky homework in the way now. Peanut and Pumpkin are wonderful inspectors. I'm sure they're jockeying for you to weave for them, as well.

I keep eyeing the Kromski harp looms, but I have to finish up this pesky degree first.