Monday, December 26, 2011

Hickory Dickory

Ooops. After a day of trying dresses on the little mousie ......

do I look like a girl to you

....HE indignantly informed me he was a BOY. 

I'm a boy and don't forget it

.... and his name is Hickory Dickory. His occupation is monitoring the accuracy of clocks, watches, and other time pieces.


Chriss said...

He really is a sweetie...may have to go through my old timepieces to see if there are any he can use.

Fran said...

He looks like he will take his job very seriously. Merry Christmas to all your littl'uns and to you of course Marlene and thank you for all your lovely posts.

Marlene said...

Thanks for welcoming Hickory Dickory Chriss and Fran. The little red pants he's wearing in this post were borrowed from Petunia, my Pukipuki. I had loads of fun last night designing and sewing him a pair of overalls. He's gradually revealing his personality and signature look.