Friday, February 24, 2012

Ooops! Update.

Things got hectic around here and I forgot to update the blog even though I have had lots to blog about! Now, after a long absence filled with activity how do I narrow it all down to a manageable bit?

I have photos! Maybe I'll start there?

On February 21st a new doll arrived.

tunic vest

She's a 43cm Fairyland Minifee Luka. Pardon her lack of a faceup. She'll be going out to a faceup artist for that in the next couple of weeks. When she returns I'll make a decision about her name.

In preparation for her arrival I spend a lot of time knitting,

jeans and cabled hoodie

and sewing,

beige ensemble

and more knitting,

ribbed cardigan

and yet more knitting,

grey eyes

And the Minifee isn't even the only exciting, time consuming thing that has been going on around here. Since just before Christmas I've had the good fortune to be able to add several new technological improvements to my life. Each came with its own ka-thunking big manual to learn how to run it. I hadn't fully digested my camera manual when I received a laptop for Christmas. Yesterday I added an iPhone 4S. I LOVE the iPhone, and thank goodness much of it is intuitive, but there are still some challenging bits and another big manual to look through if I want to take full advantage of all that it offers.

Do you have any idea how thrilling it is to tell your phone to add tomato soup to your grocery list? And then have it actually do that? That "Siri" is my slave I tell ya!

Oh. And the iPhone told me how to find the local yarn store's new location too. Amazing.

'scuse me. I have to go. I have some toys to play with.


bearpicnic said...

She already has a fantastic wardrobe, and you've only just begun.

Marlene said...

That's right bearpicnic, I have only just begun! I have both knitting patterns and sewing patterns that I haven't even tried yet. All I need is more time. I'm having so much fun with this hobby.

Fran said...

she looks a very sophisticated young lady.

cjbj said...

I can tell that you love them, they are so charming .Makes me want one too buwilljust most be happy to follow york blog and enjoy them.....
I am sending u a msg to add me as a friend, this is my alternate account cause I often forget my password on my main account!