Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fly By Post

Life lately has been stressful and frantically busy and I haven't had much time or energy left over for the dolls or crafting for them. Here and there I have been taking a few moments in the evening to crochet on mindless little projects that don't require too much thinking. In the process, over a period of many days, I've managed to actually complete a few things.

Please pardon the poor photography. I haven't had much time for proper photography and editing either, so what I do get is usually taken with my iPhone camera, in low light, and without much staging or posing happening.

There is this one,

 Shell placement

---which since the picture was taken has acquired a deep, dusty rose coloured ribbon. It actually looks quite cute now. It was the prototype for the ones that have followed. I based it on an actual baby dress pattern, but I downsized it by using 2/16 weaving cotton and a .75mm crochet hook. It fits the Pukifees but is a little on the short side, which means it will likely fit the Nappy Choo baby that should be arriving sometime in late March or early April.

Then with the same basic pattern I made this one using size #30 cotton crochet thread.

Crocheted dress

And last night completed a third one, using a combination of green size #30 crochet thread and natural 2/16 weaving cotton.

New details

In all three renditions the ribbon and yoke ruffle were my own innovations to the pattern.


Serenata said...

Those little dresses are adorable!

bearpicnic said...

All three dresses look great! I've been taking fly by pics today as well. It's kind of fun though! Less worry about how perfect the pic will be. Best wishes and thinking of you. :)