Sunday, May 19, 2013

On the 5th Draft!

Lately I've been working on designing a knitting pattern for a Nappy Choo hoodie.

Nappy Choo hoodie

Every time I think that I've got it aced I knit it up again only to find that there is one more small bit of tweaking to be done.

Penny goes exploring.

Sleeves shortened, body shortened, placket extended, hood reshaped, ----

A nip in the air.

I'm starting on my 4th knit through now.

NC hoodie, back

This time I think I'll be taking another 4 to 6 rows off the length of the hood.

Nappy Choo hoodie and pants

As it is now, unless the yarn has a lot of drape to it, the hood stands up too high over the head.

New outfit

Hopefully the next revision will be the final one!


I'll likely include the pattern for the sewn pants as well.


Dustbunnie said...

Awwwwwww . . . . . such a cutie - even with the hoodie not being perfect yet.

Marlene said...

Thanks. After looking at the pictures I've decided to add one more row to the sleeve length as well. Luckily I hadn't started to knit the fourth version yet.

Simon Purple said...

I think it looks awesome just the way it is! I don't know how you knit for these teeny tiny dolls.

cjbj said...

Wow, you are so patient. My recent condition has made mine shorter, I hope it comes back, along with the other missing bits. Though I did remember the name of an actor on a recent tv show...the next day. ! Enjoying the grandchildren, time goes so fast.As for my great crafty ideas, well, every little bit counts. made about six dishcloths, started a simple garter shawl, and decided I will make a V neck sweater with some nice blue times I got at v.v. Boutique.I think your new project will be smashing.!Hope the case goes well, are you chosen for sure? My sis in law was also dispensed recently. Maybe same case! Cjbj

Marlene said...

It's not jury duty cjbj, I'm an actual witness in a criminal case. I have to testify.