Thursday, October 24, 2013

For Dustbunnie.


I made this entire Minifee outfit (boots not included) as a special commission request.


 It seemed every step of the way it was a struggle!


 The biggest problem of all was a total lack of inspiration! I guess my creative muse has moved on to weaving!


 Procrastination was not exactly my friend either. I've been rather stressed this year so tasks kept being put off and put off  sometimes out of necessity, other times because I just couldn't face them.


Well it's finished now and ready to go in the mail --- all the way to Denmark.


I'm just waiting for Dustbunnie to chime in on which hat she prefers.


I like both hats, for different reasons, so I wasn't able to decide which to include.


I hope Dustbunnie's long, long wait for this has been worthwhile.


And I thank her for her extreme patience as it must have looked like it would never be done.


I must admit, I find commission work just too stressful, especially right now when there is so much other stuff going on in my life. So for that reason this will be the last commission work I do.

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But I will keep sewing, knitting, weaving and crocheting. I'll even occasionally offer things for sale, it will just be done as I feel inspired, rather than to deadlines and specifications.


Randomfish said...

It may have taken a while, but the result is impressive! I love both those hats. :)

Dustbunnie said...

I love the whole thing. I'm sure my doll will be very happy. I have choosen the green hat in case anybody wonders. I think it'll look best with my girl's wig.

mysticat_and_kitten said...

This is really lovely !! I like it very much. If never you make a pattern for etsy, I will be happy to try to do such a wonderful outfit.
( I like very much your other patterns for pukifee ... so helpful for me !).

Marlene said...

Thanks Randomfish, your enthusiastic response is appreciated.

I'm very glad you like it Dustbunnie.

I didn't create a pattern for anything here except the corset and stockings mysticat_and_kitten and those two items I keep for my own use only. Who knows though, some day I may decide to do a line for Minifee. I think I'm more interested in a Littlefee line right now though.

Sharon said...

I can soooo relate to the stress over doing commissions, it's why I rarely do them anymore, but funnily enough, Dustbunnie is one person who I do sew for as she is such a patient and understanding lady! She will be so delighted with this, and I see she's chosen the green hat which is my favourite too!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

Marlene said...

Yes Sharon, she was wonderfully kind and patient while waiting for the commission to be worked on and completed.

My giving up commissions altogether has nothing whatsoever to do with Dustbunnie. It's just my own realization of the stress commissions cause me and also my fear of disappointing someone that has specific ideas in mind. I'd much rather create as inspiration leads me and then, if desired, offer it for sale. That way I know that the person buying an item really does like it and is willing to pay the amount I asked --- or they wouldn't be buying it in the first place!