Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fuzz Hogs

I've been using idle time during long waits to work on these fuzzy little critters:

Fuzz Hogs

The designer calls them "Fuzzhogs". Some weaving knitters have named them "Loom Fairies". My granddaughters think they are adorable and are working on convincing me that one for each of them is not enough. I may have to make a few more.Good thing they are kind of fun to do.


Unknown said...

Too cute! Is the pattern available online? I looked on Ravelry and googled but came up empty.

Randomfish said...

Those are terribly cute! I can see why your granddaughters need more than one. :D

Dustbunnie said...

They are so cute and they sure look like you'd deen a bunch of them.

Marlene said...

Yes unknown the pattern is available on Ravelry. I've updated the post to now include a link.

They seem to be like Tribbles Randomfish and Dustbunnie. You never find them singly, always in large groups.