Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Toy in the House

It's a good thing I didn't try this out last night or I never would have went to bed!

Rolag fun!

I bought an Ashford Blending Board at FibresWest yesterday, spent the evening researching "how to" videos on YouTube, and woke this morning itching to try all my ideas out. Turns out that making rolags for spinning is very addicting! And FUN!


I have been having a go at long draw spinning, which previously I was too intimidated to do much of, but spinning long draw from the rolags seems fairly easy. I'm probably only doing a "modified" long draw, but it sure is resulting in a nice, light, airy yarn!

Plied with metallic thread.

I plied my singles with this sparkly thread and when I pulled the finished skein from the niddy noddy I immediately noticed that it seemed lighter than air! So much different than my usual semi-worsted style of spinning. I think I'm hooked! The finished skein is washed and hanging to dry. I'll get photos of the skein and also the new blending board tomorrow. I've already started on a second batch of rolags.

 Alpaca, merino, and yak

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