Monday, December 08, 2014

Zen's Wife Is Here

When my big Feeple60, Holly, arrived she stole all the attention around here, and the poor little Minifee Soony Elf event head did not even get a mention. She arrived blank and bodiless, of course, as event heads always do. 

Liking the MNF Soony elf!

(My apologies to those freaked out by eyeless disembodied doll heads!)

I was busy with other things and, other than taking a moment to insert temporary eyes and try the head on a Minifee body already dressed in Mariah's clothing, I set her aside. It's hard to get a feel for the character of a blank head before they receive a faceup.

Please excuse the wonky eyes.

Zenawii Tulusson seemed to be pretty pleased that his wife was home though, faceup or not.

Lieut. and Mrs. Tulusson

Then late one night her name and character suddenly came to me. I resisted, but she insisted! In fact she was adamant that I not introduce her publicly until I had created a traditional folk costume for her befitting her family heritage.

Introducing Elfonda Schelf

Her name is Elfonda Schelf. That's right, she comes from rather famous lineage. You have probably met some of her relatives.

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