Monday, March 24, 2014

As Promised

I'm back with a photo of the Ashford Blending Board I purchased at FibresWest on the weekend, and the light, fluffy skein I spun from the rolags I made on that board.

Spinning from rolags.

I already spun up the second batch I showed yesterday too, and I'm now on to the third, which I created this morning.. The third batch of rolags is done with the same colours and fibres as the batch from yesterday but undoubtedly in different proportions. I'm not trying to be exact here, just having fun and making novelty skeins that can be used in my weavings.


This is addicting! Is anyone surprised that I've found yet another obsession?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Toy in the House

It's a good thing I didn't try this out last night or I never would have went to bed!

Rolag fun!

I bought an Ashford Blending Board at FibresWest yesterday, spent the evening researching "how to" videos on YouTube, and woke this morning itching to try all my ideas out. Turns out that making rolags for spinning is very addicting! And FUN!


I have been having a go at long draw spinning, which previously I was too intimidated to do much of, but spinning long draw from the rolags seems fairly easy. I'm probably only doing a "modified" long draw, but it sure is resulting in a nice, light, airy yarn!

Plied with metallic thread.

I plied my singles with this sparkly thread and when I pulled the finished skein from the niddy noddy I immediately noticed that it seemed lighter than air! So much different than my usual semi-worsted style of spinning. I think I'm hooked! The finished skein is washed and hanging to dry. I'll get photos of the skein and also the new blending board tomorrow. I've already started on a second batch of rolags.

 Alpaca, merino, and yak

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vain Old Fool

I'd love it if society would allow women to be themselves, without judgment.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Later the Same Day

I did get the vacuuming done, and later cooked dinner and did the dishes and then, --- then it was finally time to PLAY!

March 14 - tied on and weaving

I got the header woven to even things out, wove an inch or so in sewing thread to provide a thinner area for hemming the towels, and then KAPOW! began to experiment with colour and texture.

March 14, 2014 - b

With the vibrant colours being used it's a fun project to weave.

March 14 - detail - b jpg

Makes for some colourful pictures too, hmm?

March 14, 2014-a

I might have to wear sunglasses while drying my dishes with these towels!

March 14 - detail - a

The Call of the Warp

Today was a good day for getting warped.

pure potential

As far as I know the warp went on well without any major problems, but I suppose the proof will be in the weaving!

Ready to go.

I'm really wanting to get started, but unfortunately ---

warped for tea towels

--- some much neglected vacuuming must be done FIRST ---

Looking through the rainbow.

--- because I know that once I start I'm not going to want to stop!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coordinating Halves

The warp chain I made and photographed on Monday is now sleyed through the reed.

Another angle.

----- But I made a silly miscalculation and only had half my warp. Not wanting to repeat the same sequence for the second half I came up with an entirely different plan.

I took the same colours and arranged them in a gradually transitioning colour blend.

Continuing On

Should be "interesting" to see how the two ideas sit together. I think with a Saori playfulness in the weft I'll be able to make it work.

Monday, March 10, 2014

What Next?

What's up next? We shall see. Stay tuned.

March 8, 2014

Warp chain of 10/2 mercerized cotton.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Walking in the Rain

Rainy day

None of THAT Now.

I've been battling carpal tunnel syndrome for quite some time now. I recently had the numbness, tingling and pain in my hands evaluated by a specialist. He said it was advanced enough that it wasn't likely to heal on its own or by using wrist braces or physiotherapy. He recommended I look into having surgery. Sounded okay to me until I looked up the recovery time!

From what I've been able to find on the internet, recovery from carpal tunnel surgery takes a minimum of about 2 months and can take many months. And then there is the fact that both of my hands are involved, almost equally. It is not recommended that both hands receive surgery at the same time because then the patient is completely reliant on someone else for nearly everything. That means that after recovering from surgery on one hand I'd have to go in again for surgery on the other hand. The total recovery time for both surgeries could be a year. Whatever would I do with myself when unable to use both of my hands for that length of time?! I'd be looking at about a year of sitting idle not able to do most of my hobbies!

I decided to look into a therapy that I'd heard about several years ago. At that time acquaintances highly recommended German New Medicine for some back pain I was experiencing. While looking at practitioner Candace Brown's site I discovered she also treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I called her yesterday and was dismayed to find that even with her therapy she also recommends lengthy periods of refraining from repetitive movements like knitting, crocheting, hand sewing and the like. So it looks like one way or another I'm in for some long periods of time without my hobbies. ACK! I find the thought of forced abstinence from my hobbies more frightening than the surgery and the possible associated pain. What to do? What to do?!

So now I find myself wanting to knit more than ever so that I can finish up a few projects that are in progress so that I don't have a bunch of half finished items laying around causing me to fidget even more. Bit by bit I'm working on the vest I have in progress for myself.

This is the beginning of the side increases on the Drops Designs asymmetrical vest pattern.

Side increases

The perfectionist in me just has to provide a disclaimer. NO, that is not terribly uneven handspun, it's commercially spun yarn that is supposed to look like --- um --- terribly uneven handspun?

Thursday, March 06, 2014

It Fits!

Sara's newborn baby, John, arrived on February 15th at 12:12 am and he weighed 7lbs 11 oz.

Thanks Marlene!

I was concerned that I never got the little set into the mail until he was already a week old, but Sara assures me he has room to spare and it looks like it will fit until the winter weather is over.

It fits!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

For Me

It seems I'm in a knitting mood lately. I go in spurts like that. This time I'm knitting something for me.

Something for me.

Should be interesting to see how this yarn works up. It's a slubby, thick and thin single in what looks and feels like cotton but, as confirmed by a burn test, is actually some sort of synthetic,  probably acrylic. I bought an unlabelled bag of it from a clearance table when Walmart was closing out.It wove into table runners that wash up beautifully by machine. We'll see how a knit item looks and behaves.