Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Penny is Feeling Neglected

Flame found Penny hidden away in a box a while back and thought it was high time she came out for some air.

Flame and Penny

She's cute as ever but I don't do much with her. If I'm offered a decent price for her she might decide to travel to a home where she gets more attention.

Penny in her room

I'd even part with her gorgeous crib, dresser and toy box for the right price.


Her clothing and shoes would be up for grabs too. Open to offers.

Edited to add: Asking $350 US for Penny and her furniture. Extras like clothing and accessories can be negotiated.


Sam said...

Oh no! Don't sell Penny. I love her! You have taken the cutest photographs of a nappy choo EVER!!!!!
( I wish I could make an offer but I have blown my doll budget for this year and I am still paying off a couple of fullset Pukifees!)
I really hope Penny finds a good home. You have created the sweetest little baby with the most adorable outfits and furniture.

Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

What an adorable room little Penny has! You always pay attention to the little details that seem to make such a difference in your work. :)

Marlene said...

You may have saved her Sam. My nine year old granddaughter is also begging that Penny be allowed to stay. I must admit with her large head Penny fits in better with the Realfees than she did with the Pukifee.

My granddaughters set her little room up again, Ruinwen, so I guess she is staying for awhile at least. No walls/wallpaper backdrop now though. The scrapbooking paper that decorated her walls had faded terribly. I'll have to find something else for photo shoots. The photo you commented on was taken quite some time ago.

Valerie Van Gelder said...

I have been admiring your photos of this Nappy Choo since I first saw them! I've been looking and looking trying to find one to buy, but all I can find are recasts. :-(

You're granddaughter probably loves her, but if you decide to sell again, please let me know, okay? I don't know why I want her so much but she is definitely the cutest thing!

I'll PM you on DOA to give you my contact info later. I admire all your work!

Marlene said...

Sorry it has taken so long to respond Valerie. Life has been pulling me in all different directions. Penny IS still for sale, I just haven't put any effort into listing her. If I was offered a reasonable price, especially for not only her, but her furniture as well, I would likely consider letting her go. She's adorable, but all of my dolls have been rather neglected lately.

Valerie Van Gelder said...

I just started a conversation on DOA giving you my email address.