Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Another Offering

When I wound the warp for this one ---

Next up

I thought maybe it would be for me.

Heddles threaded.

But it seems it had other plans.

65" and then the turn

The weaving hurried along and before I knew it I had the full 65" woven.

7:44 am

I was back at it early the next morning, releasing the front to turn the warp and weave those beginning warp tails in at the end as weft. With that done I cut it free, twisted the fringe, gave it a bath and hung it to dry.

This morning I did the final work of giving it a press, trimming ends, and securing ribbons.


The final day for submissions for the Christmas Craft Market was extended to today, and this last cowl managed to be finished in time, so I added it to the pile. That makes six Saori cowls for the sale. I hope I've priced them right for this area and they will sell. At $75 Canadian (that would only be about $56.50 US) I'm not getting much for my effort, especially when you factor in material costs. I consider my offerings this year as "testing the waters". If they sell at this price I will undoubtedly make more and raise the price for next year. If they don't sell at this price? Well then it just isn't worth my effort and that will be the last of selling them locally.


Gene Black said...

Oddly, I have found that selling at a higher price increases the worth in the eyes of the buyer. (and you have room to deal with "bargain hunters" who insist on haggling about the price.)

Marlene said...

I have heard that too Gene. Some say that if you increase the price of handmade goods it elevates the product from being perceived as "home made" and somehow not worth much, to "handmade" and the public feels they are getting a better product. But I've also been told that here, in this particular area, people are generally not willing to part with their money.

Unfortunately at this particular venue there is no opportunity to haggle with buyers or even to lower your prices in a clearance fashion in the last few hours of the sale. We have to mark our price and that's that. No changing it. We can't even offer multiple purchase incentives like lower prices for sets such as a hat and a scarf together. They have to be recorded as a "set" at the lower price, OR individually, not both.