Monday, August 21, 2017

Dappled Eclipse Shadows

During the eclipse this morning I was going about business as usual, which means taking my son's dog Kona for a long walk.

Eclipse Shadows

I didn't expect to see much of a change in the light. It seemed logical to me that sunlight would spill out all around the moon and still illuminate the atmosphere much like when a cloud passes in front of the sun. I was right. The slight decrease in the brightness of the day wasn't all that impressive.

I DID however notice that the shadows under all the trees looked really weird. All the light shinning through the trees made crescent shaped dappling during the height of the eclipse. I guess it worked much like a home made pin hole camera as suggested by NASA.

More eclipse shadows.


Gene Black said...

It got to a twilight darkness here. I found it to be quite magical. I also noticed that with my pinhole device that where my hand held the viewer, the light leaked through my fingers (at the bottom) and caused the same effect.

Marlene said...

Now that the eclipse is actually over, Gene, I'm realizing how many ways the image of the eclipse, or perhaps even a video, could have been captured. Not likely I'll get a second chance though.