Saturday, January 13, 2018

This Will Take a Year

I have many projects on the go at once. I have so many textile hobbies that even if I do only one project in each area of interest it still adds up to a lot of ongoing projects and to spreading myself pretty thin. At the moment though I actually have 2 knitting projects on the go. One is the cardigan I am knitting for my granddaughter. "Am knitting" -- hmm, sounds so current, so active, doesn't it? Truth is it hasn't been picked up or added to for a while. I really must get back at that!

I have been doing a little knitting each day though. A VERY little. Three rows to be exact. This will be a "Year in Temperatures" scarf. I'll be recording the daily high and low temperatures for my area in what will become a very long scarf.

Temperature Scarf

I have 17 colours chosen, and each colour represents 3 degrees Celsius. The main colour in each 3 row stripe represents the day's high while every 6th stitch in the centre row represents the low recorded for that day. I'll begin and end the scarf with 5 rows of black, and separate the months with 2 rows of black. Because there is a chance I might miss hearing the daily temperature or get a little behind in my knitting I'll be relying on a "past weather" page at


Natalie Hennekam said...

Very cool!

Marlene said...

Thanks Natalie. I tried to get a rainbow like progression to represent the temperatures, but the most extreme ends of the scale might never be realized. "Garnet" red at the hot end, and "Majestic" purple at the cold end of the spectrum.

C said...

Ahhh! That is the COOLEST idea! :D