Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Completely From Stash

This sweater is coming together completely free to me. No supplies were purchased. It is made from little bits and bobs from my stash. 

The bottom hem is not droopy and uneven. That's just shadows.

I started with the concept of the "Whatever" sweater pattern by "Julie Knits in Paris", which is knit in the round from the top down. When the body was complete I cut a steek down the centre front and added a button band since I find cardigans more wearable and useful. 

It could be worn as is, but I plan a bit more work before I call this project finished. First I will be weaving Inkle bands to cover the edges of the steeks on the inside. When that is done I will be adding two pockets. Rather than the awkward horizontal openings so common to knits I plan to steek vertical openings. 


PJ said...

Oh! That is AWESOME!!! Love how it came out!

Laurice said...

You can't hardly buy a colorful sweater anymore and I've tried. It has been fun to follow your journey and you turned out a FABULOUS sweater.

drygardening said...


Marlene said...

Thanks PJ I'm very pleased with it -- but it's not finished yet. I am making pockets and doing some special finishing treatments inside.

Well this one is certainly colourful Laurice!

Thanks drygardening.