Saturday, October 21, 2017

Warp's Wound

The warp is now wound. I might have time later today to get the reed sleyed. I'm looking forward to having grandchildren coming in the evening for dinner and a sleepover so I won't likely have time to get the warp onto the loom.

 3 @ Random Challenge warp wound.

Since these are not colours that look good on me I'm going to weave a cowl and hat set that I can sell later. They are fun to do and seem to sell well.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Stash Diving

I dug through my yarn stash this afternoon with the crayons for the guild challenge in hand. Coming up with a basket of suitable yarns wasn't as tough as I expected and I'm kind of looking forward to getting started.

3 random colours challenge

Initially I thought I'd have to go predominantly with the goldenrod, but after checking my bin of greens I found I had quite a lot of the exact "spring green" I needed. Once I added in a chocolate brown I was able to ditch much of the goldenrod which I didn't really care for. I still have a touch of it though -- challenge rules require it. 

Listening to the comments here and on Ravelry I'm going to add in an orange-red for zing.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Challenging Challenge

This should be interesting, --- challenging even! 😟

Our guild's year end challenge is to make something that passes guild standards and uses three colours we choose blindly from a grab bag of crayons. To pass guild standards an item must be handwoven or hand felted, or if knit or crocheted must be made from handspun yarn.

Some lucky members ended up with 3 colours that went together so well that you'd have thought they were peeking. One got white and two shades of purple. I'd have loved that one! Another had three shades of orange that all went well together. Me? I got brown, spring green, and goldenrod.

Goldenrod and brown aren't exactly colours I'd ever pick on my own. Spring green seems okay, but might be hard to combine with the other two. The rules for the challenge state that the chosen colours have to make up 60% of the article. So I CAN incorporate other colours, but the three colours I drew from the bag must make up more than half of the project. It IS okay, according to the rules, to have only one of those colours represent most of the 60% with only small touches of the others.

Wish me luck? Please?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Naughty Tales!

As we were taking down and packing up the exhibits from the "Fibre Flair" display at the Art Room there was a last minute sale. This lovely young lady was helping with the dismantling of the show and she tried on my "Naughty Tales!" waterfall vest.

It looked fabulous on her and ended up being the item she chose as a birthday gift from her grandmother, who is a member of our guild and one of the members of the art show committee. 

This had been a last minute finish for me, only completed the night before the deadline for jurying of the submitted items. 

I only remembered as it was about to go out the door today that I had never taken the time to photograph it. I like to keep a photographic record of all things I make so I was very happy that she agreed to model it for me.

This is an all cotton vest with travelling inlay and clasped weft patterning. It is sewn in the waterfall style with a hi/lo hemline and the added interest of knotted tails, hence the name, "Naughty Tales".

Monday, October 16, 2017

For Your Safety!

Part of my clutter clearing in my crafting spaces has been picking up projects that have been on hold for some time and working on them. I figure the very act of making some progress on them should clear some of the stuck energy.

In the last few days I've added a couple of textile hobby related quotes to my crafting apron, which is a l-o-n-g term project. I still need ideas for getting knitting, crocheting, and spinning represented.

I work on my cross-stitch picture for about an hour every morning while I have my coffee. It's a large picture with lots of colour changes and it's done on 28 count linen. Progress is very, very slow.

October 16, 2017

I've added to my Sashiko/Boro vest.


The back is sort of finished for now. I say "sort of" because the intent is for this to be a perpetual project. I'll be adding patches and further embellishment in the Boro style, over the years, as the garment wears and needs further patching.

I've now moved on to the front where I've added a few patches (legitimate ones, over holes and very worn sections of the original shirt),

A little progress on the front.

and a whole lot of stitching.

Sashiko. Komezashi (rice stitch)

The vest is so comfy that between each addition I try to keep it wearable as is.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Year to Clear

Last week, I stumbled across a clutter clearing course called "A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back". It wasn't expensive so, on a whim, and following my intuition, I signed up. Rather than tackling your clutter in an intense and all consuming way and risking burn out and rebound issues it focuses on the "slow drip" method. The idea is to clear a little bit each day forming a habit, while spending time uncovering any deep rooted and personal reasons for clutter, both inside and out, emotional as well as environmental clutter.

Tidying up the sewing room one baby step at a time.

It's amazing how the commitment to clearing just one item, or for just a minute or two each day gains momentum all on its own and without any forcing of it. In only one week I can see improvement, but more importantly I feel it. The energy in the home improves when you take steps towards getting rid of unneeded items and taking care of the items worthy of saving.

Yesterday I started tidying up the sewing room one baby step at a time. I gave the room a high priority since the mess and cramped quarters robs me of the joy I normally find in being creative. First to get under control was a mess of lace and trims saved for crazy quilting. I consider these to be "keepers" but the loose jumble had taken over a small shelf and the mess was an eyesore, a source of aggravation, and not easy or pleasant to use.

This looks and feels so much better! The pretty little basket was one I had on hand but I'll have to replace it with something a bit larger. I know that through my lack of organization in there, and my multiple hobbies, I have more than one "stash pile" of lace, ribbons, and trims and I'd like to combine them all in an organized, compact, and more user friendly way. The 2" x 3" cards (cut from greeting cards) works well but I'll need a bigger container.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Contemporary Cables

One of the benefits of having a long standing blog is that occasionally I am offered books to review. Other than receiving the book for free in return for my honest, unbiased opinion I receive no further compensation. Any links provided here are soley for your convenience.  

Today's review is of "Contemporary Cables" by Jody Long, a soft cover pattern book published by Dover Publications, Inc.  I quite like this one!

This 128 page pattern book is laid out beautifully with large, clear photos that show the details of the 21 knitted articles very well. There are patterns for 9 pullovers, 4 cardigans, a vest, a large wrap, (I'd call that one a lap robe or afghan myself), 2 shrugs, a hat, a scarf, and mittens. They are all nice cabled designs that I'd be happy to knit. The one I'm most likely to knit for myself is the "Grandfather Cardigan". It looks like just the kind of comfy, over-sized sweater I like to wear when I'm feeling chilled.

All of the sweater patterns come in a good range of sizes typically fitting a chest size from 32 to 46" (81.5 - 117cm) with some going as large as to fit a 54" bust. 

Having just received the book I haven't yet knitted any of the patterns, but the format looks good with large, easy to read charts, written instructions, and schematics included.

If I wasn't overwhelmed with the number of fibre arts projects I already have on the go I'd start in on knitting that "Grandfather Cardigan" right now! This is one book that I'll be hanging on to!