Sunday, November 23, 2014

Miniature Stone Work

The things my doll hobby gets me into! Now I'm building a river rock fireplace.

The resin kids really wanted to hang their stockings on a fireplace this year so they begged me to build one.

Looking for suggestions

Please pardon the blurry, poorly set up photos in this post. All the pictures are taken on the fly, in low light, with just my camera phone.

First a box of an appropriate size and shape needed to be chosen and agreed upon.

Step One

Then I had to cut a notch out of the lower back side of the box so that it will fit over a raised facade at the back of the cabinet the resin crew lives on, minimizing the space the structure will take and allowing it to sit firmly and securely against the wall.

Step Two

Then following a "MyFroggyStuff" tutorial a hole was cut and folded to create the firebox.

The resin kids inspected it closely to be sure it was large enough for Santa.

Step Three and Four

That's as far as I got yesterday because a bit of a shopping trip was required. "Paper Clay" was needed and it is far too expensive to buy, but I found a tutorial online for a home made variety. I had the dry wall filler and the white glue already but needed to go out to find mineral oil and black Duck Tape. While at Walmart I also found a large bag of small river stones.

Shopping trip.

The Duck Tape is used to stabilize the folded cardboard of the firebox and to give it a realistic black colour.

Duct tape firebox

It was then time to mix up the batch of home made paper clay. I didn't want to destroy my electric mixer, bowl, measuring cups, or utensils by allowing paper clay to dry on them as hard as a rock so I filled my kitchen sink with hot sudsy water before I started and dropped those items into the sink as I was finished with them.

I forgot to take pictures of all the making and spreading of the paper clay "mortar", but it was fun. The first step of the recipe was to throw a roll of toilet paper into a bowl of water. How could that not be FUN?!

So then I spread the paper clay over the face of the box, much like icing a cake. While it was wet I pressed small river rocks into the "mortar".

Front Face

 I've only done the front face at this point. The rocks are heavy and I don't want them sliding or dropping off before the paper clay has a chance to dry. I'll do the sides when the work so far has dried. I have NO idea how long that will take.

While that's drying perhaps I'll work on creating some small stockings. After all if they are going to hang stockings I guess they will need some?

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Quick Catch Up Post

I've been busy knitting and reknitting various doll clothes items in an effort to get a pattern collection for slim-mini, ball jointed dolls ready for publication. It's still a ways off, probably some time in December, but I have made progress.

Since the posting of the pullover with collar a while back I have designed a Ribbed Watch Cap --

Ribbed beanie

-- then I reknit it perfecting the decreases at the crown,


I'll have at least one more hat pattern in the collection. Probably something more like a slouchy beret.

I have also designed and knit a cropped cardigan.

Version One

The neckline of the first version stood away from the body unattractively so I reknit it and at the same time added bands at the sleeve edges.

Version Two

In that one I liked the improved neckline and the way the bands pulled the design together as a cohesive whole, but I felt that the bands on the sleeves looked too bulky, so I tried again with one less round of garter stitch.

Rockin' the Sock Dress

It was getting better but I still didn't like the way the sleeves were jutting out. One more knit through with a decrease of three stitches just before the arm bands and --

pattern photo

--- yes, I think this one will do.

final version

And now I must set aside the knitting for awhile. Tomorrow I have surgery to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand. I'll have at least three days of sitting around doing very little other than reading and watching TV with my arm propped up. After that I can gradually start adding in more activity, but it will likely be about a week before I can knit with any comfort.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Collared Pullover

Here's another sweater that will eventually show up in a pattern collection for the Minifee line and other dolls of that general size.

Collared Pullover

I quite like it!


It has a more manly look to it than some designs.

For the guys (and their gals).

Though I'm pretty sure that in the right colours it would look great on the girls too.

Zen really likes this one.

I hope to have an entire collection ready for publishing in December. Even once the initial designing takes place it can take that long to get test knitters, make corrections, double check the corrections, and then edit it all into a cohesive publishable whole.


I'm trying to keep this as a collection of "basics", but if there is any particular style you'd like to see in the collection mention it in the comments.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Drop Stitch Dress with Collar

It's finally ready!

While I've been working on a larger collection of knitting patterns for Minifee (and other slim mini's like Narae, Ellowyne Wilde, and Delilah Noir) this single dress pattern stood out and demanded to be published first, separately.


This is a project that is near and dear to my heart, because it is inspired by a lovely little dress my mother made for my first Barbie doll about 50 years ago! I LOVED that dress!


I've taken the basic idea of that dress, with it's dropped stitch lacey pattern, and restyled it for a more modern tunic look and to fit the 16" ball jointed dolls.


As a BONUS I've also included the simple sewing pattern for the sleeves/arm warmers and tall stockings that work as a "completer set" that will take the sleeveless knitted dress and collar right through the fall and winter months.


For only $3.00 US, you can receive an instant PDF download of both the knitting pattern and the bonus sewing pattern. I bet you even have 25g of leftover fingering weight yarn in your stash!

    with Paypal! Or visit my Ravelry or Etsy stores.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hallowe'en Photos

Just photos today. Too busy with knitting pattern development to spend much time blogging.






Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hallowe'en Resin Style

A few more photos from yesterday's Hallowe'en photo shoot.