Monday, May 15, 2017

Unusual Construction

I took that weaving I wasn't too happy with and made a vest I actually like!

It's unusual construction started with some notes posted by Sally Gray, a fellow Saori weaver  on a Raverly forum.

My handwoven fabric wasn't of the same dimensions as hers so I had to tweak the idea to work with what I had available.

The fit is good and the vest is very comfortable to wear.

I'll be shopping for a large focal button to close the front though, as I think it will look better that way.


Friday, May 12, 2017

So Pleased!

It's so nice when a product ordered online far exceeds your expectations! 

Beautiful little bag!

That's the case with the beautiful drawstring bag I received today from jarck101 on Etsy. 

Beautiful little bag!

The bag is marketed as a travelling jewelry case, but I intend to use it for my tatting supplies when I'm on the go.

Beautiful little bag!

The shop owner, Lisa, did an outstanding job of sewing up this wonderful keepsake in luxurious, quality materials. It is a real treasure.

I'm not affiliated with the shop in anyway, nor do I receive any kickback if you click on the links. I've only provided the links for your convenience. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wound and Weaving

Kona had to wait a little longer for her morning walk but the Dogwood Blossom warp is on the loom.

  Dogwood Blossom

I'm liking it way more than I had anticipated.

Dogwood Blossom

In fact, it's hard to stop weaving and walk away to get other things done!

Dogwood Blossom

I'd say the colour is most accurate in this final photo.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

From Dog Warp to Dogwood

I finally got to the end of that "dog warp" that was languishing on the loom. 

And now, inspired by the pretty pink dogwood blossons on a tree in our backyard, 

I've wound a lovely new warp.

Thanks in part to a friend's donation as she destashed, I had a wonderful variety of pinks to work with! Thanks Patricia!

Saturday, May 06, 2017

A Child Pushed Me

Happy Weaver

My granddaughters were here for a brief visit today and the youngest "really, really" wanted to weave. I went in with her, as I always do, and she sat at "The Pickle Loom" and I sat at mine. Her companionship was just the push I needed to get moving on a "dog warp" that I have for some reason felt less inspired by.

A child pushed me --

I'm not exactly sure why the warp has been repelling me. I like the colours -- at least individually. I think the problem may be that I just don't like the way they are presenting together in the warp. I find the individual strands of bright yellow to be jarring, disruptive, out of harmony in some way. It's too much of a contrast and the spacing breaks the weaving up into small bits. Whatever! It's finished and I can now move on to something I find more inspiring. 

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Walked the Soles Off

I had to go out to buy a new pair of "Clarks Wave Walks" today. The old pair, my second, was shot.

I walk a lot, 1.5 to 2 hours most days. Today was almost 6 miles. All that walking really wears out a pair of shoes! The ones on the right are now in the trash, the heels showing so much wear that my gait, and feet, were suffering. Still, they have served me well and I have no hesitation paying the price for a new pair.

Wave Walks are great for walking in all kinds of weather. They are waterproof , and that's important when you follow your dog, rain or shine, through dew covered grass, puddles, and the occasional muddy patch. My shoes have often gotten very wet on the outside, but I have never had wet feet while wearing them -- ever.

I'm not affiliated in any way, nor do I get any compensation for this review-of-sorts or if you click on the link I provided. I'm just a happy customer. The link is only there for your convenience.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Practice Makes -- Improvement

I finally found a "folded join" tatting tutorial that I could understand and achieve success with. I've practiced and practiced, 6 whole little motifs in fact, and I feel reasonably confident. I still sometimes struggle, but I'm improving.

I'll test out my newly found skill by trying another small motif of a different style and shape before I return to the Snowflake Georginia that I was having so much trouble with.

The folding join tutorial is from Jon Yusoff's blog, "Tat-a-Renda".

The little bookmark is a line of six joined Jasmine Motifs from page 57 of "New Tatting" by Tomoko Morimoto. I'd link to Amazon but whenever I try it links to my actual account. Anyone know of a workaround to avoid that?