Friday, September 23, 2016

Loom Elves

I've discovered that I have loom elves!

Loom Elves taking a break

They seem to be quite helpful --- when they aren't playing tricks!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Souvenir of a Different Sort

For many years now I haven’t been able to be away from home for long due to other commitments, but a recent change in that situation meant I was able to spend a 4 day weekend away. Not much of a “vacation”, but even a 9 hour car drive north to see relatives (some I hadn't even met yet!) is a break from the norm for me and well appreciated.
Once at our destination my sister-in-law was kind enough to drive me around to see how much our old home town has changed (28 years since we moved). There were locations that have changed so much that I didn’t even realize right away where we were!
I had no intention of shopping on this trip but my sister-in-law took me to visit a tiny little yarn shop hidden away in behind another business on the top floor of what was an old, old building even when I lived there. Not being one to accumulate knickknacks and other useless souvenirs I jumped on the chance to spend a little “holiday money” on a souvenir of a sort I know I will truly enjoy. ;-)

A worthy souvenir.

Inspired by another weaver’s project that used clasped weft with Zauberball on one side and a plain, solid colour on the other, I’ve always wanted to give the idea a go. I’ve just never been able to justify paying so much for a single ball of yarn! With my little splurge, now's my chance!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pull of the Loom

I wound this warp a few weeks ago and it has been waiting its turn at the loom.

90 ends, 12" in the reed, 6 metre length

I was pleased with the warp itself, but I'm thrilled with the actual weaving of it!

September 13, 2016

It's turning out so much better than I expected. 

Goodnight pretty weaving.

In fact, watching the colours play out against the mixed warp is so enthralling that the pull of the loom is irresistible, and I find myself back at it even when I should be doing other things. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Charlie's an Angel

I've been saving a small skein of "chiengora" for years. Chiengora is dog hair that has been hand spun into yarn. Depending on the breed it can be beautifully soft and have a halo that is much like angora (rabbit). And no, once it is properly washed and spun chiengora does not smell like wet dog when it rains!


Many years ago my daughter adopted a senior "rescue" dog, a white shepherd named Charlie. He had lived in various SPCA shelters for so long that his original location and story was no longer known, nor was his age. He was a very loving dog but was advanced in age and came with a host of medical problems that eventually took his life.

While Charlie was still living I took some of the soft, creamy white undercoat that he had shed, carded it with sheep's wool that had been dyed pink, and then spun it into a 116 yard, 2ply skein.

Skein of Charlie Blend

I finally found a project for at least a small portion of the special "Charlie" yarn. I included it in a 6m mixed fibre warp and as I wove I added in the occasional small weft stripe of Charlie's cheingora as well.


I used the first portion of the warp to make a lovely cowl.


There was enough warp remaining to weave a Saori style hat, which also turned out beautifully. 


I'm still not at the end of the warp. I may just have enough left to weave a second hat though perhaps only a child size. We'll see.


Friday, September 02, 2016

If You Crochet

Crochet is one of many textile related hobbies of mine. Recently I received "Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters" by Melissa Leapman for review.

This collection of 200 stitch patterns is a great resource for those who are already comfortable with crocheting and would like to add variety to their favourite tried and true patterns with some new stitch options. 

Each stitch pattern is represented by both written directions and a universal stitch diagram. I really like this format. I find that, when I'm first learning a new stitch pattern, written directions are the most reassuring, but once I've worked through a stitch pattern once it is easiest to follow along with just quick glances at a stitch diagram. This book provides very clear directions in both formats. The handy reference guide at the back of the book also shows detailed how-tos for each stitch variation, from the most basic to very advanced.

Although I received this book free for the purpose of writing a reveiw, no other compensation has been given and I receive no commission if you decide to make a purchase based on my review.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Light at the End of the Warp

I bought a little clip on lamp for my loom and it makes a big difference. There seemed to be plenty of light in the room but it was always coming from the wrong angles and casting shadows upon my work. This is much better.

The light at the end of the warp.

  And yes, I've come to the end of the 6m inaugural warp.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

CH60 Inaugural Warp

Warp's on the new Saori CH60 and I'm back weaving again.

Inaugural warp.

New Saori looms come with a pre-threaded, sleyed, and beamed warp so once the loom itself is assembled it only takes a few minutes to tie on and your're off and weaving. It was a welcome reward for the time spent actually building the loom!

The colourful blips in the first section of weaving have generated quite a bit of interest in the Saori forums I've posted the picture in, so I'll explain in more detail for those who do not frequent those forums.

The warp is the all black cotton pre-wound that came with the loom It's 150 threads wide and 6m long. It's threaded one end per dent in a 5dp-cm reed. It's a bit widely spaced for my tastes but I wasn't about to mess with re-sleying the whole thing over that.

Weft choices for inaugural warp.

The 'background' weft is "Dalegarn - Falk" (100% wool sportsweight) that I had on hand from a failed knitting project. The pretty pops of colour and texture that so many are raving over is from a ball of "Brunello Black" (67% wool, 33% acrylic) which is a discontinued super bulky weight yarn. The ball in the photo is obviously not the colour used in the weaving. I used that colour up.

My plan is to use this yardage to make hats. The main part will be woven but each hat will have a hand knitted ribbing. We'll see how that plan goes once the yardage is wet finished. I think this first section may be a bit stiff for the intended purpose. I've got another section done now and I'm being super careful to gently 'place' the weft so that there will be room for a slight fulling of the finished fabric.