Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bands and Diamonds WIP

In this heat wave I haven't been doing much knitting, but here is a peek at my latest work in progress.

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This is "Bands and Diamonds" from Knit Picks, designed by Sue Mink.

I'm not all that pleased with it. There are mistakes in the pattern and I'm finding the sweater itself rather ho-hum. I'll still finish it though. I like the yarn (maybe not this particular color combination though) and I need a few cardigans. I was cold all the time last winter.

Cold. Hmmm, that's hard to imagine right now.

My son bought an air conditioner second hand from a friend and last night he and his dog slept in comfort. My husband and I sweltered in the next room. Brings new meaning to the saying, "Lucky Dog"!


Nicole said...

I think it looks really great. The colours, the pattern, everything.

~Kristie said...

I like it! I'm just jealous that you get cold weather & find yourself saying that you don't have enough sweaters. I miss Seattle :(

Jennifer said...

Looks pretty good so far. I checked out your flicker pics and love all your projects ... very nice!

doulicia said...

I was just considering buying this pattern, so I'm curious what mistakes you're finding in it. I was thinking I might just do stockinette rather than the diamonds. The bands are so pretty.

I like your colors. I was debating whether I'd do it in something other than what they showed.

Marlene said...

It's little things like landing on the wrong row to start the chart out as specified, motifs not being centered, parts of the color pattern that are to be repeated (discovered only through looking at the photo!) not being mentioned, vague instructions like "follow chart until diamond pattern is established"....but then never saying WHEN the diamond pattern is to be established.

Most people are more comfortable doing colorwork from the right side only, but this pattern has you stranding while working on the back side too. Not a "mistake", but an inconvenience for some. Also, the difference in the thickness (and possible gauge) of the fabric between the color area and the diamond patterned area makes for an odd transition. I haven't knit far enough to be sure but it seems to me this might produce a slight blousing effect above the colorwork area.

Still, if you are willing to work with these issues the pattern IS only a couple of bucks. Touble is, when doing colorwork you are frequently cutting one color and starting another. If you decide down the road that you don't care for how it is working up you can't salvage the yarn, not the part from the color bands anyway.

I haven't knit much farther on this project since the picture/post so I can't tell you yet if there are further issues. To me it looks (from the picture) like something funky and not quite right is going on with how the neckband is attached. I don't think that jog should be there. It might just be a finishing problem though. We'll see.