Sunday, July 23, 2006

Reading Instead

I haven't been knitting much the past several days. I've been reading instead. I'm one of those people that can't seem to read a book "now and then" or "for a few minutes" until it's finished. Just like my marathon sewing projects, once I start on a book I do almost nothing else until the last page is turned. Luckily for my long suffering family I don't read novels all that often!

This one was an interesting read. Even though it's a fiction novel there is a lot of food for thought in the historical facts throughout the book. MUCH better and more in depth and understandable than the movie. I highly recommend "The DaVinci Code" by Dan Brown, if you haven't read it already.


PJ said...

ah-ha! Never thought of it that way...because I read the book 1st then the movie. Some of the images I had in my mind were 'right on' in the movie. I thought that was neat

Ashley said...

There's just too much info for them to fit it all into the movie. It's kind of like Pride and Prejudice. I read the book, then recently rented the new movie and there were so many things cut out because there's so much in the books.

dragon knitter said...

i actually bought the illustrated version, so i didn't have to go hunting looking for the classics mentioned in the book. i loved the book, but have heard so so reviews for the movie, soi'm kinda 6 of one & half a dozen of the other.

good book, eh?