Sunday, August 12, 2007

Packing Essentials

Packing for a road trip requires careful thought. The right knitting project is essential. It must be large enough to last the whole trip and easy enough that I appear to be "enjoying the scenery" (for my husband's benefit) with my eyes on the surrounding countryside rather than my knitting. It also helps if it is something I actually want to knit.

Last night, despite other unfinished projects, I cast on for another "One Stitch Cardigan". I've done this one as "road trip knitting" before, only in a cheap acrylic. Once I determined that I liked the style and the fit I vowed that I would one day knit it again in nicer yarn.

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This time around it will be knit from the huge supply of 3ply handspun wool I've been trying to find the right project for. I've tried this wool for a few different things and nothing ever seemed just right. I tried cables and textures but they were lost to the beautiful "ragg" effect of this handspun. Plain stockinette didn't impress me either. When I knit the garter stitch gauge swatch I knew I had found the right project. Add in the beautiful antler tip* buttons I was given a while back and I think I'll have the look I was wanting, a plain cardigan that should play up the handspun look.

*note: antlers are shed annually and no animals were harmed in the making of the buttons.



Nicole said...

Looks like it will be a good project, especially if (like many of my Canadian family and friends) you're heading up to the cottage... should fit in perfectly with the scenery, rustic and beautiful. Have a good time!

dragon knitter said...

do you still have the acrylic sweater? or pic, at least, lol?

i just about ruined the keyboard with drooling. very, very, VERY nice!

and i knew about the antlers, lol (i had trapping brothers, and a hunting husband (now an ex)). i always loved antler-handled knives. the handle is s o much warmer and smoother than bone.

Anonymous said...

Those buttons look super on the swatch (or pocket). I bet it will be a smart and very useful sweater.

Marlene said...

You're right Gillian, that's one of the pocket linings. The buttons are just laying on top to show how well they coordinate.

It's mostly a lot of travelling this time Nicole. That equals a lot of knitting time though. The better part of 4 days worth!

Yes Minnie, the acrylic sweater is still around. There is a link to the original photos in this post. Acrylic yarn, although washable, made it kind of hot though.

Dorothy said...

Good choice! I love car knitting - my favorite part of a road trip. But I do spend more time packing my knitting than my clothes - especially for plane trips. Can't have too much to cart through the airport, but enough in your check through to last you the entire vacation - especially if you're going to some place short on yarn shops.

Maggie Ann said...

I remember that sweater..I was going to start one. Can't remember why I didn't. btw, I gave your blog an award =) don't have to participate if you don't want too though. Those buttons are really real then! wow...

Romi said...

Love the buttons. I used some on one of my sweaters, too. It's my favorite!

Have a great trip!!!