Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Still Around

It's been a while. I've been a bad blogger. Truth is I haven't been knitting much --- well, for me anyway. There has been some knitting ---

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--- but not on a daily basis. The photo is of the completed back and the left side of the handspun lace bolero I've been working on. It's turning out well enough but it's one of those projects that is boring to knit but still requires enough attention that I can't watch TV or carry on an involved conversation at the same time. Well, I could if I didn't mind frequent tinking episodes. But I do. Mind frequent tinking episodes that is.

The Mystery Stole 3 has been put on hold while I ponder whether or not I really feel like knitting an asymmetrical, one winged stole. Yeah. One wing. Asymmetry. Not sure about that. I could get past the asymmetry and even the fact that there is one wing in a world where those kind of appendages usually come in pairs, but I've seen pictures of other knitter's work on the wing and, well --- it looks like an awkward add on. Kind of like one of those houses where each generation adds on a new room. With different siding.

So I've been reading. It's all Kristy's fault. She gave me a h-u-g-e novel to read. I mean criminy, I've been at this thing for days. Good book though.

At night I've been getting in some spinning time. Camel. Silk. Mmmmm. When I'm not reading into the wee hours that is.

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dragon knitter said...

that series seems to be making the rounds. you're the 3rd blogger i've seen who is reading this, and i'm on book 2! you'll be happy to know that book 2 moves a little faster (i've been reading it since sunday, with a goal of 75 pages a day, and i'm 10 pages ahead on tomorrow (it's due on the 18th, and i can't renew it anymore, lol (my son read the series first, and he's on book 11! (he started right after school got out))). and ALL the books are that big! book 2 is actually 120 pages longer!

Ruinwen said...

You're the second blogger I've read that doesn't want to make a wing. Maybe you could just do the repeats in reverse? I think it would still make a georgous stole. :)

Michelle said...

I understand your hesitation about the wing...I decided to forge ahead and I'll be finished clue 5 today. Yep, I hesitated, too. Apparently, the designer is going to release a two wing stole pattern for sale at the end of the KAL.

Maggie Ann said...

The camel silk looks fascinating. I noticed its pricey...must be wonderfully soft.