Saturday, January 12, 2008

Desperate Times

Apparently, when really desperate and bored, I am able to knit while laying down.

Simple things anyway. I don't want to try this with my Masters swatches.


Jen said...

they look nice! What is the yarn?

Dave said...

Yippee for socks! Unless, of course, they are top-down mittens, in which case, Yippee for mittens!!

Marlene said...

These are basic, toe-up socks using a pattern generated by "Sock Wizard" software. I am using Regia Strato Color.

The band says "Farbe 5742" and "Partie 48128". Not speaking Italian I have no idea which of those numbers is the colour and which is the dye lot.

Rob said...

Cute socks! And farbe is German for color. Hope you are up and around soon.

Marlene said...

Thanks Rob. I assumed it would be Italian because the yarn was made in Italy. My German is limited to counting to ten and a few colour names. Oh....and the first word I ever learned in German. "fingerhut" = thimble


Nicole said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!