Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Now That It's Safe

Several months ago there was a lull in my knit related blogging as I was working away on a baby gift that I wanted to keep a secret.

This is a pattern (named, simply "Blanket"), by Amanda Griffiths from the book Luxury Knits: Simple and Stylish Projects for the Most Desirable Knitwear . I adapted the blanket to be more baby sized by using less repeats.

And here she is, our sweet little grand niece wrapped in the blanket.

(reverse side of blanket showing)


Maggie Ann said...

Oh, what a doll-baby! She's adorable and so tiny. Your blanket is pretty too...grin. I need to get back at mine...I've 8 more inchs to go.

LoriAngela said...

Congratulations. Knitting for babies is my favourite. I'm just starting Debbie Bliss' Alphabet Blanket- as soon as I can get into the Chwk Wool and Craft shop.

Ruinwen said...

Is there anything sweeter then a babe asleep nestled in her new blanket? :)

Nicole said...

What a sweet picture! The blanket looks great.