Monday, April 21, 2008

Masters Monday - 2.16

Well, whaddaya know? A wee bit of progress to report! (What's that saying? If it wasn't for the last minute a lot of things wouldn't get done.)

This is Swatch 21 - picking up stitches.

For this swatch the knitter has to figure out how many stitches to pick up and how to place them most effectively along selvedge and bind off edges. The swatch also tests your ability to select and position appropriate decreases for the neckline.


Maggie Ann said...

Your knitting abilites are so impressive! I'm finally spinning again over here. when I plyed my yarn I smiled for about 20 minutes straight. It was so beautiful to see it twist into yarn.

Laura said...

Getting the right number of stitches picked up can be tricky business. Your swatch looks great. :-)

Marlene said...

Thanks Laura. A little research paid off with this one. Even though I have done this sort of thing many, many times, I dutifully looked it up anyway and discovered a few tricks I had never considered before.

Jena said...

I like your Masters Monday column. I'll be back to check my swatches as I go along! Last night I finished swatch #2. Thanks for posting and giving me visuals.

Ruinwen said...

Your swatch looks really good. I learn a lot from this column and really enjoy it. :)

Marlene said...

Jena and Ruinwen, your comments about this "Masters Monday" routine are really helpful. It's nice to know my practice of reporting regularly on my tiny steps forward each week is benefitting someone other than just myself.

Who-da-thunk photos of knitted swatches would interest anyone hey?