Friday, June 27, 2008

A Bloggable Bit

You would think from the lack of activity here on the blog lately that I haven't been involved with creative pursuits that were worthy of blogging about. In actual fact I have been so busy creating that I haven't had a moment to blog about any of it. Several of the projects are top secret for now so I can't reveal them yet, but this one is bloggable. (Spell check says "bloggable" isn't a word. What does it know, hmmm?)

This bright splash of yarn is the beginning of an afghan for my 24 year old son. He will be moving out of our home in a few months and I wanted to give him a house (apartment? Condo? Basement suite?) warming present.

This will be a tartan afghan in the "Cunningham" plaid from the Australian Woman's Weekly book, "Easy-to-crochet Tartan Rugs". Our name is not Cunningham, nor are we of a heritage with customary family tartans, but it will make a beautiful afghan and a bright yet masculine spot in a bachelor pad, and quite possibly an extra blanket when needed. My son picked the particular plaid himself. He liked the simplicity of this one and it's primarily red and black colour scheme.

This is only the beginning of the horizontal stripes in the mesh portion. When it is done I will be crocheting 128 afghan length crocheted chains. They are woven through the mesh portion to form the plaid.

I made one of these for my daughter and her husband years ago, but in a different plaid.



Spell check doesn't live in blogland as the rest of us do. LOL. The ghan is very manly and bold I love the colors.

Taueret said...

that's a nifty technique!