Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mystic Forest Finished

(click picture for close-up)

27.85 ounces (797 grams) and 1663.5 yards of "Mystic Forest" my own custom blend of black superwash merino, bright green merino, and green firestar. It should be enough for an entire long sleeved sweater. The five skeins range from just under 5 ounces to over 7 1/4 ounces. Gotta love those giant Majacraft bobbins!


Taueret said...

that is lovely yarn. I love the feeling of having spun enough for an entire large project! Majacraft bobbins are indeed awesome (tho my friend's Lendrum has even bigger!).

Marlene said...

I can actually get more than even the largest, 7 1/4 ounce skein on the bobbin but then it gets rather heavy to treadle!

Romi said...