Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upper Fraser Valley Knitters

Yesterday was the second meeting of the Upper Fraser Valley Knitters. After sending out a meeting reminder the previous day I was a little concerned when a large number of emails came in from members saying they couldn't be there due to other commitments.

I thought I would be sitting there all alone in a great big meeting room so I invited (okay, begged) my daughter to come even though she didn't have a babysitter for Kaylen. Officially children are not allowed at the meetings (unless they are old enough to be knitting), but I felt this one time was an exception.

After a while ladies started to trickle in, a few of them stopping by on their lunch hour from work. Eventually we had 8 members and one little pint sized "visitor" present. We chatted, knitted, and passed around our latest finished creations.

The next meeting won't be until September when everyone is back from vacations and summer commitments.



Are you sure this is not part of your ploy for the baby to start fiber addiction??? LOL... She so cute, I just want to pinch her cheeks.

Maggie Ann said...

Your 'girls' are beautiful! I'm envious of your knitting group...what a great opportunity. Nice place you meet in...very interesting.

Marlene said...

Oh but it is, no hiding it even, it IS a ploy to get her interested in fiber arts!

Maggie Ann, the location is likely temporary. It's a British Museum and tea shop and a great place to meet but it is only available during the day and it looks like evening meetings will go over much better. Many more members are availble in the evening.

Michelle said...

Aww, Kaylen has grown so much! Such a darling.

In my opinion, take every opportunity you can to get her interested in the fibre arts, though I don't think it will too hard to do. You are her Grandma, afterall!