Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For the Birds

A white Christmas! The first to reach all across Canada since 1971. While we do occasionally have a bit of snow here in the lower mainland of BC, it usually doesn't stick around.

While the Canada Geese have flown south we do have birds that stay here year round. They are having a hard time of it in the snow and cold.

You can't tell by looking at this picture of my backyard that I have a LOT of birds hanging around my feeder. They all flew away when I opened the door to take the picture, but I have at least 12 robins that perch in a nearby tree and they are fluffed up like black and orange tennis balls in an effort to stay warm. The small song birds are so numerous that I can't count them fast enough, often more than 2 dozen at a time.

There are a few Stellar Jays that look like they are having a rather tough time finding food. Usually they don't go near the feeders set up for the smaller birds. They don't fit under it's eaves. Perhaps the food, black oil sunflower seeds, isn't normally to their taste either? Now they are desperately trying to cling to the sides of the feeder long enough to grab a seed or two. I've been scattering peanuts for them, which they really enjoy, but with it still snowing the peanuts are quickly buried. I've spread some of the peanuts out under our deck where the snow won't cover them, but the birds are not accustomed to finding them there.

While I can't offer them shelter from the cold, I can at least try to feed them.


AlisonH said...

Thank you for that.

Marlene said...

Good news! The Jays have found the peanuts under the deck. In fact one hopped right up to the upstairs window to let my husband know that it was time to go down and refill their cache.

Nicole said...

Too funny! Well, at least they know where their food is coming from. ;)