Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ready For Christmas?

I'm nearly ready. The Christmas knitting is complete.

I don't go all out like some. This year the knitting has been limited to one child's sweater, two hats, and a scarf.

I just have to wrap a few that were still blocking yesterday when I did all the rest of the gift wrapping.
Several batches of shortbread have been eaten in the month of December but I've managed to freeze part of one batch. There were buttertart squares, but those have been eaten too. A few ginger crinkle cookies have survived long enough to be hidden away for tomorrow's guests. Yesterday I added (another) batch of tarts and the 2 pumpkin pies for tomorrow's desert.

This morning I did the last of the required baking. The buns for dinner.

Only a few more chores to cross off my "to do" list, some of it being a bit of final house cleaning. We're housebound by the snow and poor road conditions so our plans to do a bit of Christmas Eve visiting have been scrapped. I guess I'll have to relax and take it easy tonight. Just as well I suppose. Tomorrow will be a big day.


Anonymous said...

It all looks so good Auntie Marlene!! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!
Love, Callie

Marlene said...

Thanks Callie. Merry Christmas to all you Northerner's too!

Dave said...

Mmmm, butter tart squares. My mom used to make them. :-)

Merry White Christmas!

kristo said...

Wow, I love the blue and black hat, the colours looks AWESOME!!! Nice job!