Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In Case of Boy

There are plenty of little pink or mauve things if the grandchild-to-be happens to be a girl (which seems to be a family trend), but if the baby bucks the trend and happens to be a boy he'll need something to wear home. I've cast on for a simple baby cardigan, the "Offset Wraplan", in very boyish, though not traditionally babyish colours. The colours in the photo are off. In real life the colours are richer and darker with more depth. Very "macho".

I spent a pleasant day knitting and the asymmetrical sweater now only needs sleeves, and neck and button bands.

I need to come up with a hat and maybe some booties to go with it. Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Ruinwen said...

Good choice...very manly indeed. Love the colors! :)