Monday, February 16, 2009

What's Your Preference?

You may have noticed that my blog entries are rather erratic in their frequency. For instance, after posting 3 times in 5 days there has been a long lag of 10 days between posts. That's because I only post when I have something to say.....and most often, I'll have a picture to go with it. For instance, when I'm working on a large project like this:

When you haven't heard from me for a while it is likely that I am working away for hours each day on some project that I haven't yet found the time to blog about. Or, if I have had the time but still haven't blogged then it is likely that the project is rather uninteresting in its unfinished state and I'm waiting until I have a finished object to show you.

All week long I have been working on the machine knitting project in the picture above. This is (the wrong side of) the fifth of 5 triangular panels for a pentagon shaped baby blanket. More on that in future posts.

I've also been knitting by hand a bit. Not much bloggable there, just a few more inches on a plain sock that you've seen before. I've been spinning, but again you've seen the humongous batch of light blue merino/mohair before. I'm just a little further along.

So, my question to you is, "What's your preference?". Do you, my regular readers, prefer the blog to be updated:
  1. frequently (every day or several times weekly) regardless of the value of the content
  2. regularly (weekly on a specific day) regardless of content
  3. according to content (as often as I have something worth blogging about)
Please chime out in the comments. I'd love to hear your views!


AlisonH said...

Blog as the moment strikes you to do so. It's not a job, you don't have to please us out there; this is for you to enjoy what you do as you see fit.

twistedinstitches said...

I like to read because I'm peeking into someone's thoughts, projects, aha's and uh-oh' I say you should write (type) when the fancy strikes you! You are great at sharing your projects and thoughts on stuff...if more than a few days go by between be it!


CTJen said...

I went through a bit of a blogging slump recently, so I understand where you're coming from! Blog when you feel like it. I think blog posts (in general) are much better that way!

Anonymous said...

I think being family, I come to your blog with different expectations. I am always hoping for some insight into your lives. Being a horrible e-mailer and phone caller, it is a way to vicariously keep in touch. So daily would be wonderful, but knowing how we are all busy with life, I understand you blogging when YOU feel it is worthwhile. If you did it any other time, it would probably become less enjoyable for you! Anne

dragon knitter said...

i'd like to say i would like to see you blog more regularly, but the ones that blog daily, day in, and day out, actually become irritating to me, and i eventually drop them. you're too good a friend to drop, lol, so blog as you please. i'll be eagerly awaiting your posts

Karen said...

Blog when YOU want to blog. I know I'm pretty erratic on my blog as well, so I know exactly where you're coming from. The last thing you want is for the blog to become a chore.

Thanks for sharing your projects, I enjoy seeing them.

Ruinwen said...

Your blog should never become a job or chore that you do to keep your readers happy IMHO. This is YOUR blog and you should post as the spirit or project moves you.

BTW the baby blanket is really amazing! :)

Dave said...

As it pleases you, or when you have something to say or show, which I guess is the same thing, or might be considered content. :-)

As some other commenters have said, I also tend to drop blogs that blather just for the sake of blathering.

Nicole said...

I subscribe to your blog through Bloglines (along with 816 others) and usually I find myself checking it before there are more than 5 posts.

Looks like an ambitious project. Would love to see the up close details off the yarn and teeth.

PICAdrienne said...

I believe you should blog when you want to blog. I enjoy reading your blog, and rarely comment, but on this one thing, I do have an opinion to share.

Dorothy said...

I agree with dragon knitter - the bloggers that post all the time with nothing really to say do not interest me. I like coming to your blog and seeing and reading interesting stuff. That doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be all knitting. I for one, am more than happy to read about your grandchild(ren)! So blog when the spirit moves you and when YOU want to blog. I'll be here.

cedar said...

Yes, I agree with Alison, do it when the spirit strikes you, and then it is always fun, and of course, have photos...I mostly only read blogs with pics of projects or wool or something to look at ...I love your blog