Saturday, May 02, 2009

First Thoughts

Continuing from yesterday's post about the guild's year end challenge:

I originally thought I'd make a soft, lined, knitting bag. I even had wooden handles much like this that I could use. That fringe looked lovely folded down through the sewing slot in the handles. But after I dealt with that threading mistake 2.5" in from the selvedge the piece became too narrow for the wooden handles and I had to move on to Plan B.

I'm quite excited about my new idea. I'll give you more details about it tomorrow but for now I'll show this image of the work in progress and tell you a bit about what I'm doing.

Using dark brown handspun I've crocheted over those pesky selvedges to cover the floats while at the same time dealing with the raw edge on the side where there was a mistake. It's one row of single crochet finished with a row of crab stitch. By itself that very dark handspun stood out too much in contrast so I'm adding a bit of creative embroidery to bring the dark brown into the rest of the bag and at the same time liven up that otherwise ho-hum pink accent.

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Sarah said...

It's looking better already!