Friday, May 01, 2009

Rising to the Challenge

Every year the Chilliwack Spinners and Weavers Guild has a year end challenge for its members. This year paper bags with mystery contents were handed out earlier in the year. The bags held either yarn or a piece of handwoven fabric. We've been asked to take the whatever we find in the bag to make something from it that can be sold at the Christmas Craft Fair next November.

The two mystery bags I was given both held handwoven cloth. One of the pieces was a mistake free, and rather attractive weaving. I have ideas for that which I'll work on later.

The second bag contained a more challenging piece. It's a 26"L x 11.5"W piece of grey and dark brown plain weave done in handspun wool with a rather uninspiring, hot pink accent. Only one end has fringe.

The other end is cut off and machine sewn. Both selvages have long floats where the colours were loosely carried up the sides.

One side of the weaving has a threading mistake 2.5" from the selvedge that renders it unusable within guild standards for shows and sales, so I have to either cut it off and use the narrower width, or find a way of creatively covering the mistake.

Stay tuned. After some creative calisthenics I'll be back tomorrow with the day's developments.

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Caroline M said...

I shall stay tuned for the next exciting installment...