Monday, September 07, 2009

Another On The Go

I finished these socks a little faster than I expected to when I wrote that last post. We made two long car treks over the past week and I spent 26 hours in the passenger seat, mostly knitting.

I finished one pair and got a good start on a second pair.

I know this second pair looks a bit odd, "shapelier" than usual. I had increased to my usual 64 stitches but then decided that in this cotton blend yarn it was working out to be a bit wide. Rather than rip back I decided to just decrease back to a more reasonable width before widening again through the gusset. It makes them look very peculiar when they are lying flat, but on the foot they look normal and fit perfectly. I actually like the extra wiggle room in the toes!

I worked the heels this evening so it's just a matter of doing the cuffs now. They could be ready for a FO debut tomorrow.......or a year from now. I'm that way with sock knitting.

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