Friday, September 11, 2009

Shapely Socks

You know those "shapely" socks I was making? The ones with the weird, balloon-like toe?

They're finished.

And they fit great!

Lots of wiggle room for the toes, a snug instep that conforms to the foot, and a heel that fits just right. This wide toe thing might be an accidental "design feature" that is worth repeating.

I used a figure 8 cast on, 12 stitches each needle (24 total); increased every row to 48 stitches; increased every other row to 64 stitches, and then after knitting for a bit decided that they were actually too wide so decreased every other row back to 56 stitches. As the depth of the arch of my foot deepened I started the gusset increases a bit early adding 4 stitches to each round (2 each side) every 4th row, so that by the time I reached the spot where I was supposed to start the gussets I was back to 60 stitches. I used the 60 stitch count to calculate the heel turn, heel flap and cuff.


lookinout said...

They are so pretty. But the math seems overly complicated for a stretchy fabric. It might make sense to me if I were knitting it.


Marlene said...

Oh you're absolutely right Gillian, this only came about because I had increased more than I should have but was reluctant to rip back. I decided to just decrease back to a smaller number of stitches. It worked out great, fitting me better than most socks.

There is a limit to the amount of stretch you can get from a piece of knitting and with my wide toes and narrow heel this kind of wrangling might just be the answer. Admittedly though I wouldn't be so extreme in future attempts. Starting a bit wider for the toe area and then decreasing out the additional stitches would be enough.

Marlene said...

There was no math involved Gillian. Like you said, that would have been way too complicated!

>It might make sense to me if I were knitting it.<

Yes, these were done in the same knit-to-fit manner that those top down sweaters are made.....making adjustments as I went according to how the socks were fitting. I only recorded the actual stitch counts here because I inevitably get "how to" questions when I don't.

Nicole said...

You're on a roll! They look great... I like the colourway, sort of wintery.

Marlene said...

They are denim and a natural colour, Nicole. Should look good with jeans anyway. I'm trying to finish up a few half done projects I've had hanging around for too long. These socks weren't one of them, but the fact that I had started yet another project wasn't helping anything so I vowed to see them through to completion right away.

Next up, a crocheted llama that just needs ears and limbs!

dragon knitter said...

i also have a wide foot and a narrow heel. i find that short-row heels work best for me, and when i do a top down sock, i tend to do fewer increases, so that my foot hasmore stitches than my leg.

aren't human feet such individual things?

Marlene said...

I find that short row heels don't give me enough depth to get the sock over my heel easily Minnie, unless of course I fudge with extra increases in a gusset like manner. I find that the gusset and heel flap heel found in Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer's "Basic Toe-to-Cuff" Socks pattern works the best for me.