Sunday, October 11, 2009


I think I'll name this cardigan "Perseverance" because at this gauge I'll need a lot of that before I'm through.

This will be my version of 97-18 Tailored cardigan by DROPS design (which looks much better on the Raverly knitters who have made it than it does on the Drops model). I've had to rework all the numbers though, as I am getting a much finer gauge. I'm using 3.25 mm (US 3) needles and ColourMart's 2/28, merino/cashmere/silk blend (60%/20%/20%). It's ultra fine so I'm using it doubled and getting 28.5 stitches and 35 rows per 4" (10 cm).


Dave said...

Gasps at the gauge and wonders if you'd consider upping that to three plies. :-)

Caroline M said...

I've just repurposed a cone of 2/28 cashmere - it is wickedly fine isn't it? Even though it blooms when the oil is washed out it is still very fine indeed. I ran mine through the wheel to make a three ply as I think I have more chance of using it that way.

Marlene said...

I did briefly consider using three strands together Dave, but to make that easy (pulling a strand each from separate cones) I would have to buy one, if not two more cones. At $20 per cone that would add significantly to the project cost. Besides, there is something about the challenge of this that draws me. I don't mind the miles and miles of stockinette either. It makes for easy semi-distracted knitting. Great for watching TV or knitting during meetings. I save the more complicated stuff for quiet moments alone.

I considered plying it on my wheel too Caroline, but sitting plying for hours has less appeal to me than spending that time knitting mindlessly in a Zen type state. Besides, the finished project will have the WOW power of those grains of rice with your name on them. Heh.