Sunday, October 25, 2009

Done In a Day

Was I knitting obsessively all day, or were these just an ultra quick knit?

Probably a bit of both! I cast on for the first fingerless mitt at about 2 pm yesterday and sewed in the last end of the second mitt at the stroke of midnight. Somewhere in there I did make supper and clean up afterward, but yeah, I knit most of the afternoon and evening.

Still, that seemed a very quick project.

I knit these up in my own chain plyed handspun. The halfbred top in the "black allsorts" colourway was purchased from Aurelia Wool and Weaving. The fingerless mitt pattern is "Suzie's Reading Mitts".

Black Allsorts



Those are so pretty. I can't believe you made them in one day, I take so long with those, just like socks. I hope you enjoy them this winter.

PJ said...

Very nice! I bet those are comfortable to wear. I wish my 'obsessive knit in one day' would hit me to make a neck warmer..which I really could, but I'm trying to get other much older projects done! Like your blue spinning.