Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aeolian Blocking

The Aeolian Shawl is nearing completion. After a pinning session that took several hours it only has to dry overnight and have the ends sewn in.

I found this shawl to be particularly difficult to block nicely. With all those lower edge points and the curved top edge it was a bit tricky figuring out how to tackle it. The numerous nupps added an extra element to fuss over too.


Ruinwen said...

I saw this on your Ravelry page and it took my breath away! You really did a wonderful job.

I love those puzzle piece blockers...they really are useful!

Dorothy said...

Beautiful! I have this in my queue and every time I see it knit up I am amazed at how gorgeous it is. I guess the blocking time is payback because it's a free pattern.


I looks beautiful, I love the color.

Lorraine said...

Gasp! Don't know why it was in time out but WOWZA! How gorgeous!

Marlene said...

Thanks everyone!

Lorriane, I think other knitting just took priority and the shawl fell to the wayside. I only remembered it needed finishing when an occasion to wear a nice shawl was looming on the horizon.