Sunday, February 07, 2010

Olympic Torch

I went out and did my patriotic bit this afternoon. I stood outside the recreational centre (mustn't call the building by it's real name and offend the corporate sponsors) all decked out in red and white and awaiting the arrival of the Olympic torch in my hometown. . . . it's that bright bit in the centre of the first picture.

This is about as close as I'm going to be able to come to attending anything Olympic. Tickets for the Olympic events are priced so high that the people who are actually paying for the Olympics (that would be your average TAXpayers), can't easily afford to go. Even if I was handed free tickets the cost of transportation to get to and from the events would probably still make attendance difficult and costly.

Still despite my feelings about the overpriced Olympic ceremonies and the cost of hosting the games, I still wanted to come out and show my support for the athletes. Go Canada!

You can just see the Olympic flame in this picture too. It's the bright bit to the left on the stage. No really. . . . . click on the pictures to enlarge them and then. . . .squint.


Dorothy said...

Hubby and I briefly entertained the idea of trying to go to the Olympics until we started investigating the prices. Along with lodging and long waits at the border, we decided to watch them from the comfort of our own home. I'll enjoy them anyway!

Ruinwen said...

That is really cool that you got to go to the torch ceremony. :)


At least you got to see the torch! When they were in Atlanta, GA we were planning to go, but the cost could not be justified. So we watched on TV, but it's gotten like that with any sporting & cultural events too much for tickets, parking and any food, it's shame really. Limits a lot of people from enjoying a night or day out.

PJ said...

That's neat that you saw the torch. One thing that I enjoy is the Olympic training facility (with a nice free tour) here in Co Springs :)