Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Barbie's Long Dress

Another Barbie outfit for Kaylen's upcoming third birthday.

This time a long, crocheted, strapless evening dress,

buttoned up the back,

with a warm, knitted, kid mohair wrap to go with it.

I hope she likes it. It should match the pink streaks in "Merliah's" (mermaid Barbie's) hair.

The pattern for the dress is Red Shell st Evening Gown by Lynne Sears
For the stole I cast on 12 sts on large needles and knit every row for 12 inches.


Dorothy said...

I'm beginning to be jealous. Barbie dresses better than I do! But then, I guess she always did.

Ruinwen said...

I love the little buttons on the back! You've created another winner...that is a lucky Barbie! :)

Marlene said...

I found little "pearl" beads Ruinwen, and sewed them on as buttons.

I see that an shop sells absolutely minuscule buttons for making doll clothes. I might have to get some.

I don't have much cause for wearing evening dresses ---- or any dress at all for that matter, Dorothy so Barbie is quite welcome to the new wardrobe. Next up is a pair of handknit pants. Don't think I'll be wanting any of those either!

AlisonH said...

What they said. Beautiful!

PJ said...

Now THAT (knitted clothes) makes the Barbie look so pretty!